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How to fly into space?

Anastasia Rakhmatova
Anastasia Rakhmatova
August 31, 2014
How to fly into space?

The world is moving forward, new technologies are developing, new services are emerging. And now you can travel not only to other countries, but also to space. Of course, there are and will be flights for astronauts. If you are attracted to this profession, then our article will be useful to you - How to become an astronaut And in this article we will talk about how to fly into space as a space tourist.

Tourist flight into space

How often can you hear: "I want to fly into space!". This childhood dream can become a reality. To date, there are not so many tour operators that work with space. One of the most famous is Space Adventures. She is a partner of the corporation "Roscosmos".

Before you make a flight, you will need to go through a standard program. It includes training, preparation for flight in Star City, medical examination. The survey includes a check of general health, psychological stability. Also one of the main criteria is knowledge of English: touristshould not only speak this language, but also write. Depending on the flight, knowledge of other languages ​​may also be required. If you have everything in order with this, you will be offered a flight lasting from 7 to 10 days. Also, the flight will include delivery to the ISS of cargoes that are necessary for a cosmotourist to carry out his scientific program, if any, and, of course, post-flight rehabilitation.

Since 2013, space tour operators have a new service - this is a spacewalk. Now it is as relevant as the flight to the international space station.

However, it is worth mentioning that flying into space is an expensive pleasure. The cost of a tour into orbit ranges from 20 to 50 million dollars, and spacewalk costs about 15 million dollars.

Of course, in addition to Roscosmos, there are other funded projects that fly, but they are private.

Currently, space tourism is developing its own launch vehicles, suborbital and orbital spacecraft, as well as the creation and development of orbital hotels for the long-term and comfortable stay of tourists in orbit.

More than seven tourists have already visited space, and this is not the limit. Among them: Dennis Tito, Mark Shuttleworth, Gregory Olsen, Anoushe Ansari, Charles Simoni, Richard Garriott, Guy Laliberte.

Although today the flight into space is not feasible for the common man, there is still a high probability that in the future we will better master outer space and the flight will become more accessible.


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