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How many fly to Bali?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
April 2, 2015
How many fly to Bali?

Bali is one of the most famous islands in the world. This popular resort in the Malay archipelago attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year.

In this article we will talk about how much fly to Bali from major airports in Russia and which airlines can be used.

How many fly to Bali from various airports

If you are going to fly to Bali from Moscow, you can make a connecting flight. These flights are operated by the following airlines: Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, Singapore Airways, Korean Air and Hong Kong Airlines.

On average, the flight time from Moscow to Bali takes 12 hours. Plus you need to take into account the docking time. The connections are made at the airports of Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong.

Many travelers recommend flying to Bali with a transfer in Singapore. The prices of Singapore Airlines are relatively small, while the docking allows you to see the city, the flight to it will take 9 hours. From Singapore to Bali will have to fly another five hours.

If you want to make a direct flight from Moscow to Bali, then it will take you 12 hours,However, do not forget that the cost of the ticket will be higher, and besides, you will have to book it in advance.

Flight Loukost

If you decide to use the low-cost flight, which is usually carried out through the airport of Jakarta or Bangkok, then you can take advantage of cheap flight options, but they will take you longer. With docking, you have to fly to Bali for a day or more. And this applies to any airports in Russia that allow you to fly abroad directly. Such flights are possible if you fly from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg.

In the case of St. Petersburg, the flight time to Bali will take about the same as from Moscow. If you are departing from Ekaterinburg or Novosibirsk, then you will have to fly a little less. On average, the flight time is reduced by 3-4 hours.


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