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How to forgive a young wife for treason

Women's treason: who is to blame?

Treason happened, what next? You intend to forgive your wife, but how to do it? After all, thoughts about this situation arise in your mind again and again. In addition, your “well-wishers” - neighbors, work colleagues, and even friends and relatives - may casually remind you of the fact of treason. The latter may insist that you abandon the traitor to the family hearth. But you should remember that your life is your decision, and its consequences will primarily affect you.
First of all, analyze the situation. Why have you changed? What went wrong in your family life? Is this your fault? Did you pay too little attention to your spouse? Or did she decide in this way to avenge you for something? Each concrete situation is individual, the motives of forgiveness depend on it.
Try to look at your family life through the eyes of your spouse.Perhaps you are wondering what did she lack? Most likely, your attention, warmth, care. Perhaps, after your wedding, her life was limited only to questions of life, raising children etc.? Honestly answer yourself the question: is there a place in your life for romance, relaxation and entertainment, do you show your feelings towards your beloved woman?
Treason can also occur because you were too restrictive of your wife’s freedom, you were too jealous. Sometimes husbands, by their behavior, involuntarily push a spouse to take a fatal step, because the forbidden fruit is sweet.
If you feel guilty about what happened, it will be easier to forgive your wife. In addition, you need to draw certain conclusions and continue to change your attitude towards your second half, paying more attention to it.

How to behave your spouse after treason wife?

What to do if you tried, as they could, in every way pleased your spouse, and she still changed you? If you see no reason to cheat, ask your wife about them. Discuss the situation in a relaxed atmosphere, perhaps in your life together she is not satisfied with something from the fact that you did not even suspect.Try not to prove her guilt and your rightness - if you sincerely want to forgive your loved one, you need to jointly seek a solution to the problem.
Ask your wife about her future intentions. How does she feel about your opponent? Is she interested in saving the marriage? Let her know that you are very sick because of her betrayal, but you are ready to forgive treason and try to rebuild your family home.
Deciding to forgive cheating on your wife, do it once and for all. Do not go back to the reproaches and offenses, start a family life with a clean slate. It is not necessary to restrict the freedom of the wife, to establish rules for her behavior in society, etc. At the same time, be sure to let your wife know that the next betrayal will be the last in your life together.
Having found out the causes of the incident and having made certain conclusions, try to forget about all this as soon as possible. Remember that no one is immune from the mistakes made by people on earth does not exist.

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