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How to fuck sleeping?

Kristina Mamaeva
Kristina Mamaeva
September 23, 2014
How to fuck sleeping?

In some men, sometimes the head skips the question of how to fuck a sleeping girl. Someone is simply excited by a sleeping partner, and someone, perhaps, suddenly aroused a strong desire. In such situations, there are two ways: the first is to refuse sex with a sleeping partner, since this is immoral, and the second is to try to fulfill your desire.

How can I fuck a sleeping girl

Let's decide at once that it’s impossible to fuck a person who sleeps, and not wake him up, if he is, of course, not under the influence of alcoholic or even narcotic substances. But even in this case, such sexual intercourse will be considered rape. And it is easy to assume that nothing good will happen in this case. After all, the partner can wake up at the most inappropriate moment for you, and it is logical to assume that she will not be happy with your actions. Therefore, the conclusion in such a situation is one - it’s categorically impossible to have sex with a sleeping person, it is not only immoral, but also against the law.

However, if all the same sex very much like, and the partner is sleeping, you can go the other way, namely - to wake up the girl. But, of course, it is not necessary to wake up with the words “Wake up, I want you,” but with tender kisses and caresses.

You can start kissing the neck, chest, abdomen, gently stroking the skin of the hands, back, legs, and at the same time whisper soft words in your ear. In no case can not make any sudden movements. They can not only scare the sleeping girl, but also generally discourage her sexual desire.

If you do everything right, the girl herself will tell you with her moans and body movements exactly when she will be ready for sex. Sexual intercourse itself should not be too intense and sharp, let it be better all movements will be gentle, neat and, of course, exciting. In this case, enjoy not only you, but also your girlfriend. And it is quite possible that in the future such “sleepy” sex will become permanent with you.

In general, talking about how to fuck a sleeping girl is simply incorrect, and even criminal. Therefore, if you really want sex, but there is no power to wait, it is best to engage in self-satisfaction or wake your partner with caresses, and not try to fuck her against her will.


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