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How to get a consumer loan in Sberbank in 2018

You will need
  • Passport, certificate form 2-NDFL, application form
Contact the nearest branch of Sberbank of Russia (or call the “hot line”) and get information from its employees about the types of consumercredita which you can count on. It may becreditfor immediate needs a one-timecreditrenewablecreditretirementcredit.
A bank specialist will assess your financial situation and offer a choice of consumercreditunsecured or consumercreditunder the guarantee of individuals. At the same time, the bank calculates its solvency for each potential borrower and determines the amount of the issuedcredita. In most cases, the borrower's income at the main place of work, additional income and the income of the spouse (s) are taken into account.
Prepare the documents required for registrationcredita: passport of a citizen of Russia with a registration mark; a document confirming registration at the place of stay (subject to temporary registration); documents confirming your financial condition and employment. As a document confirming the financial condition, a certificate of employment can be provided, which will indicate your salary for the last six months (form 2-NDFL) If you have inSberbanka valid “Salary” card, you can not provide a certificate of employment.
Fill out the application form, the form of which will give you a bank specialist. Attach the collected documents to the application. Send this package of documents to the bank branch that providescredit.
Wait for a decision on your application. According to the existing rules, the bank considers the submitted documents within two working days and makes an informed decision on the provisioncredita or o refusecreditovane.

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