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How to get a job in the MES?

Ksenia Vilinskaya
Ksenia Vilinskaya
February 3, 2015
How to get a job in the MES?

Many people want to go to work in the unit EMERCOM of Russia. If you are among those who wish, you will have to try to achieve the goal. Also ask yourself: do you really need this job? Because not everyone represents the real conditions that accompany the EMERCOM employee. This is not at all a romance and a solid adrenaline - although it does not, of course, do without the latter. It is necessary to see and understand the complexity of this activity - the danger to life, harsh conditions, severe psychological stress.

Have you thought about everything and made the final decision to work in the Ministry of Emergency Situations? Well, we'll tell you how this can be achieved.

Work in the Ministry of Emergency Situations: candidate requirements

You can get detailed information about admission to study or work by contacting your local Emergencies Ministry office by phone or email. Background information by region is located.

Requirements for those who want hard. The age of entry into the MES varies from 18 to 40 years.Candidates need to be in excellent physical shape, have an appropriate education (secondary or higher), high stress resistance and decent psychological preparation, as well as endurance and a cold mind. But there should be no problems with the law behind the law - if you have a criminal record, you are unlikely to be accepted into service.

Order of the device in the Ministry of Emergency Situations

The first option: you can enroll first in a specialized university MOE. The list of such institutions is available on the same site of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (in the tab "Education and Training"). Then you are almost guaranteed to be able to get a job after graduation.

The second option: you go to the personnel department of the local unit of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, are interviewed. If it is successful, you will need to prepare documents (application, education certificate, GPS insurance certificate, passport, employment record, medical certificate, if you have a military ID). It is possible to check the data about the candidate and his family. Psychological stability is also being tested.

If the results are positive, you are going to an internship, and then you can start working as a lifeguard or another Emergencies Ministry officer.


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