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How to get rid of a strong feeling of love?

Love, like a hurricane, breaks into our lives through tightly closed windows, leaving no chance for the former calm and measured existence.

Situations are different, for someone in love - this is like a breath of fresh sea air, a lifeline in the endless waters of boredom, dullness and hopelessness. But for someone, falling in love becomes a real nightmare, destroying life, past beliefs and moral principles.

Do you need

Do you feel that you have completely lost sleep, lost your appetite and cannot normally do your usual activities? All your joys lie only in “his” eyes, smile, or fleeting phrase? In a few minutes of “his” attention, are you ready to give everything? Even if you are married or in a strong relationship.

Even if he is twice as old or, on the contrary, he is suitable for sons. Feeling in love in such situations does not lead to anything good, but, often, it threatens with unpleasant consequences: the destruction of the family, the "sagging" of the work, the deterioration of health, the loss of mental balance, and so on.If you feel that something similar has happened to you, then it is useful to find out how to get rid of a strong feeling of love.

Love and love. What's the Difference?

To begin with, it should be understood that love and the feeling of love are two concepts that, although they have similar features, but still radically differ from each other. Every person who has an all-consuming feeling of love always has the same question in his head: “And if this is she?”, “If this is true love?”.

It is always terrible to miss something very important and valuable in your life, such questions torment those who are already married and fall into the crossroads of two roads, not knowing which one is the right one.

On the one hand - a strong and familiar marriage, family and even, perhaps, children, and on the other - feelings, vivid emotions, which were so lacking before and without which life becomes completely gray.

Take care of your feelings

Not a single scientist of the world has managed to give an exact definition of these two feelings, but still there are a number of general criteria that allow us to distinguish between love and love. Being in love is a rich, bright and exciting feeling, which, alas, has a short lifespan, and ends as suddenly as it is born.

Love is something that often comes after falling in love, but not always, a stronger and more solid feeling, less intense and intoxicating, but providing a solid basis for a long-term joint and happy life. The fundamental difference between a man in love and a lover lies in his consciousness: the latter knows and accepts the shortcomings of his half, and the lover does not see any faults at all.

When love is an unnecessary obstacle

Oddly enough, but all those wonderful feelings and impulses that are attributed to love, not always her faithful companions. During this period of life, all emotions become sharper, and sometimes so that they affect all spheres of life: a person's behavior changes, his mental state and sometimes even his health.

Unfortunately, the feeling of inspiring happiness is not always the main companion of love, it is often accompanied by suffering, progressive jealousy, a constant feeling of longing for the object of sigh, and in the case of unresponsive feelings - a sense of inferiority.


At this stage it is very important to stop, think about,whether the fleeting smile of “this or that” of your health and composure is worth it, if not, then move on and look for solutions from the current situation.

According to experts, falling in love is, in its own way, a disease, only viruses, not fleeting impressions of what they see or hear, act as the causative agent. It can arise from a smile, a single action or a look, and it becomes unimportant to a person that the object of sigh is in reality.

At this moment, a certain hormone is produced in the human body, which participates in the biochemistry of our brain and provokes all those strange sensations. Everyone, without exception, is subject to this inexplicable feeling: girls and boys, men and women, regardless of age, status and race, only not everyone that sometimes turns into a real catastrophe can cope with it.

How to get rid of love?

The reasons for which you decide to get rid of unnecessary feelings can be many, perhaps it is irresponsibility or unequal relations, yes, whatever, the main thing is to clearly understand how much this is necessary for you.

There are also a lot of methods that explain what to do in such situations, but almost all of them are based on a radical eradication of everything connected with the object of sighing. This and the removal of general photographs, correspondences, letters, perhaps gifts and significant souvenirs - you should not be reminded of a heavy feeling.

Try not to overlap if you are employees of one office, you may have to say goodbye to work or transfer to another group. It is curious, but often all attempts to get rid of love, and this ends: a person simply does not find something to fill the void, formed after diligent deliverance, and returns to normal.

Passion passes quickly

In this case, the support of family and loved ones becomes important, as well as a change in social circle - try to find yourself where you have never been before. All the time you are used to spending, sighing for your “love”, it is important to fill in something new and exciting: let it be sports, yoga or pair dances, who knows, maybe this is your vocation.

A good option is to go on a long journey, if there is such an opportunity, linger in the place where you liked the most, make yourself an installation every day to learn something new.

So, you yourself will not notice how your life will be filled with new colors, and the place of old love will be filled with love for the world around you, new hobbies and, perhaps, real and strong feelings, which, this time, will already be relevant. Open up new horizons!

Depending on the depth of experience and the degree of vulnerability of the individual, a visit to a good psychologist may be helpful. If you don’t find one, then be sure to share your feelings with someone close to you, let it be the one you trust the most. Sometimes talking and hearing a fresh look from the outside is much more effective than throwing away photos or gifts.

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