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Probably everyone at least once in his life faced such a problem as the unpleasant smell of the feet. Why do my feet start to smell bad? If you spend the whole day in shoes - sit or walk, then your legs sweat a lot. Pot is 98% water, 2% are salts, trace elements, acids, hormones. By itself, sweat does not have an unpleasant smell. This smell is provoked by bacteria that live in huge numbers on our feet. They are very fond of a moist environment (ie, sweat) and feed on dead skin cells of the legs. They begin to multiply actively, and not only feet, but also socks, tights, and shoes smell. Sharp, salty foods, as well as stressful situations, when sweating generally increases, can affect sweating. After such critical situations, it is good to take a shower and wash your feet. Another cause of unpleasant odor is foot fungus. The causative agent of the disease - the fungus - is easiest to catch in the pool, in the bath, on the beach. Often this problem bothers older people; people with diabetes, some cardiovascular diseases - the feet are often infected, covered with ulcers.Therefore, if the smell is very strong and persistent, then it can signal any serious illness. In this case, do not delay your visit to the doctor.

But let's dwell in more detail not on the causes of the unpleasant smell, but consider the ways that will keep your feet "fresh".

How to get rid of foot odor?

  • The first and most important rule, as it is not banal - you need to wash your feet daily, even if you did not go out all day on the street. Wash your feet thoroughly, use deodorizing or bactericidal soap. Dry your skin with a towel after washing.
  • Change your socks daily. It is preferable to buy socks and tights made from natural fabrics that absorb moisture well. Synthetic fabrics, in contrast, do not allow the skin to stop breathing and contribute to more sweating. If in the evening it seems to you that your socks or tights are clean and do not smell of sweat, still wash them - because they have accumulated a large number of bacteria.
  • A simple but effective remedy for unpleasant smell is ordinary black tea. Make a foot bath with the addition of freshly brewed strong tea.Hold your feet in the solution for about 10 minutes, then rinse. Black tea contains tannic acid, which tightens the pores and kills bacteria. Leaves of black tea will also help to rid the shoes of unpleasant odor, if you put them in a pair of shoes for a couple of days.
  • Lavender essential oil has a good deodorizing and antimicrobial effect. Massage in a few drops of oil before going to bed in your feet. After wearing cotton socks and go to sleep. Before use, test for tolerability of oil - drop 1 drop on the back of your hand and wait a couple of hours. If you do not see red spots on the skin and do not feel a burning sensation, then you can safely use lavender oil.
  • Cosmetical tools. Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of various foot care products: deodorants and special foot creams will help get rid of the unpleasant smell, talc and powder will reduce sweating, foot bath compositions will care for your feet. You can easily find a wide selection of these products in any cosmetic store. If you use a special deodorant for the feet, do not put it between your fingers. Apply talcum powder or foot powder to washed, dried skin before putting on clean socks.These agents adsorb excess moisture and neutralize harmful bacteria. Offered by the manufacturers of the cream promise to help you get rid of the smell of the feet, due to the normalization of sweating. Cream should usually be applied on clean feet before bedtime. Some of the products are intended for daily use, others need to be applied once a week.
  • Foot baths. The network has a lot of popular recipes, how to make foot baths that will save you from an unpleasant smell. It is recommended to use natural remedies such as oak bark, horsetail, nettle, mint, sage and chamomile. The extracts of these plants have a beneficial effect on the skin of the feet, well deodorized. In addition to vegetable baths, it is advised to also make foot baths with table salt or vinegar.
  • Be sensible when choosing shoes. For each season, have several pairs of shoes (at least two). Ventilate and dry your shoes well. Do not wear raw shoes. Dry your shoes by stuffing it with crumpled paper, or use special shoe dryers. It is not recommended to wear one pair of sneakers for more than 3 years. Avoid too tight, squeezing shoes, as well as shoes made of artificial materials that do not allow the skin to breathe. Observe the rules of shoe care.Some shoes, especially sports shoes, should be washed once a month. The same goes for slippers. If the insoles in the shoes are not glued, they should also be removed, dried and sometimes washed or replaced with new ones.

Here are simple guidelines that will help you understand how to get rid of foot odor. Keep personal hygiene, go barefoot on the grass in the summer - this will increase the tone of the skin of the legs. If the smell becomes unbearable, pursues you everywhere and no advice helps, then it is better to consult a doctor. Health to you and your feet!


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