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How to get rid of laziness?

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How to get rid of laziness?

What is laziness - in fact, laziness is a natural mechanism for saving energy, it even has a beautiful scientific name “procrastination” - this is how human behavior is called when it postpones business, is not taken for anything, pulls with its duties or simply lazy. Why does a person need laziness? It saves his strength, protects against over-voltage, besides, many modern household appliances, in essence, are inventions of lazy people. It was too lazy to sweep - a vacuum cleaner appeared, too lazy to run and walk - cars, buses and subways, too lazy to visit - there is internet. But in laziness there are far fewer positive qualities than negative ones, it interferes with productive work, therefore everyone should know how to get rid of laziness.

How to get rid of laziness preparatory stage

Find out the cause of laziness. The fact is that for laziness you can take the symptoms of various diseases. If you don’t want to do anything, not only do, but also talk, think, eat, and you just want to lie with your eyes closed or sleep, you may be depressed and you should see a doctor.For laziness, it is possible to take asthenia and apathy in chronic fatigue syndrome - if you have no strength for anything when you take up a new business, your hands quickly fall. In this case, the best way to get rid of laziness will be to see a doctor and treat the root causes. But do not be fooled, do not try to give the usual laziness for a complex disease, thereby justifying it if you do not have it, and laziness is the only symptom. If you are healthy and your laziness is normal and unremarkable, proceed to the next stage.

How to get rid of laziness - the organization of space

Sometimes laziness contributes to the workplace itself. It can be inconvenient, not comfortable, or, on the contrary, too cozy and relaxing. How to get rid of laziness - to transform your workplace.

  • Make sure your workplace is optimal - not too comfortable and not too uncomfortable.
  • Eliminate distractions - it could be TV, the Internet, noise outside the window, or other people who want to communicate and have fun, and not work. Remove them from your work space, ask the person to come later, turn off the TV from the network and put on the headphones.

How to get rid of laziness - the main methods and methods

  • Work with other people - when a person is watched by others, or is simply present nearby, it becomes inconvenient for him to be lazy, and under the strict supervision of the authorities, it is completely impossible. If you work at home, it may be better to change jobs to an office where you will be surrounded by the same employees as you. How to get rid of laziness if you need to do the cleaning, call the guests, but not for them to do it for you, but for the fact that other people see your mess, motivates you to get out. If you need to learn something, perhaps it is better to unite with classmates and classmates (those that are more serious) or go to the library.
  • Include an element of competition in the work - you can compete with anyone: with colleagues who will do more or be faster, with parents and those with whom you live next - who will better wash, clean and cope faster, and even with yourself - you can put your personal records of assignments, exam preparation or speedy cleaning.
  • Encourage yourself for what you have done and punish for laziness - enter a system of rewards and punishments for yourself, maybe someone will be able to help you with this.Promotions can be delicious food, candy, chocolate, watching TV shows or Internet access. Punishments can be active, of course, the spanking measure is too active, but for some people it is actual, or punishment can be deprivation of something important for you, the same TV series or the Internet. I haven’t yet done not go on the Internet, if I didn’t manage to finish it before the beginning of the series, you do it and don’t watch it. It is important that these measures are voluntary, you know about them perfectly well and understand why this is necessary.

Now you know how to get rid of laziness, good luck with that!


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