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How to get to Magnitogorsk?

January 12, 2015
How to get to Magnitogorsk?

Magnitogorsk is represented by many almost the edge of the universe. It seems that he is on the other side of the world. So often, when confronted with the question of how to get to Magnitogorsk, people just get lost.

However, such a journey is not only a problem - you also have a choice.

By train

The “Magnitogorsk-Moscow Kazanskaya” train, letter 014E, takes the desired route. The trip will be a long one, since it is possible to get to Magnitogorsk in a day and 10 hours. A ticket in a reserved seat will cost more than 2.5 thousand rubles - prices fluctuate, but mostly in a big way. The trouble is that there are trailers on the route, so there may be problems with tickets.

An alternative way is the train to Ekaterinburg. He is on the road a day plus two hours, the ticket costs almost 2,800. From there another train goes, for which you have to pay 1,300. It turns out at 10 pm, so you will be in Magnitogorsk only two days after leaving Moscow and spend enough.

By car

You will have to travel almost 1,700 kilometers, and it takes few people less than 30 hours to go. So on the way you will have to stop to rest and eat, which adds additional costs. Approximate route: Vladimir - Nizhny Novgorod - Cheboksary - Kazan - Ufa - Magnitogorsk.

You can calculate the cost of fuel yourself, based on the appetites of your car. However, we immediately say that it is worth using the road only if you need to overtake the car or take the load. Expensive and long.

How to get to Magnitogorsk easier and faster

It remains the last mode of transport - the plane. They fly from Vnukovo and from Sheremetyevo. From Vnukovo takes off at a more convenient time - around seven in the evening, and arrives at almost 12 at night. Departure from Sheremetyevo at one in the morning, arrival at five in the morning, which creates certain inconveniences. The cost of tickets at both airports is 3100, of course, you will also have to pay for a taxi. But quickly and without a headache.


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