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How to get to Murom?

Alexander Sizarov
Alexander Sizarov
January 9, 2013
How to get to Murom?

Murom is the third largest city in the Vladimir region. On the line of the Gorky Railway in the Moscow-Kazan segment, Murom is also a major railway junction. Therefore, when a person cares about how to get to Murom, the answer is obvious - by train. Trains to Murom depart from the Kazan station in Moscow. In this picturesque city on the banks of the Oka River, passengers of the train will be in 4 hours.

If suddenly there was no suitable train in the schedule, you can get to Murom by train. True, it will take 6 hours, and you will have to do one (in the Century), or even two (also in Cherusti) transplants.

For those who for some reason do not like the dimensional knock of wheels, runs the bus on the route Moscow - Murom. How to get to Murom by bus? From Moscow to Murom buses leave from the Bus Station, which is at the Schelkovskaya metro station. Six and a half hours - and you are in Murom. Another option for traveling by bus is to get to Vladimir, and from there, after every 30 minutes, many buses run.

For those who are driving the car, Moore was even closer. It is necessary to leave the capital along the Gorky Highway (M7). Not far from Vladimir, on the right, there will be a large pointer to Murom, which is simply impossible not to notice. Moscow from Murom is located at a distance of 315 kilometers. So, quite a bit of time and you have a goal.

How to get to Murom, you decide. But it can be said with confidence that being in the capital in Murom is very easy.


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