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How to green a plot

Landscaping is considered one of the most important types of landscape works. It is on how high-quality seedlings will depend directly on the appearance of the site. This activity should start with the preparatory work. It is necessary to analyze the chemical composition of the soil, to cleanplotfrom various debris, make up soil substrates for planted plants. Also, be sure to perform the preparation of planting material - trees, shrubs, flower plants and herbs.
After the landscape project has been developed, and the preparatory stage of dacha landscaping has been completed, you can start working on the landscaping. It is recommended to finish in advance all the work on laying the tracks, the construction of pavilions and ponds. It is after this that it will be possible to plant young plants without any problems. Otherwise, you will have to repeatedly transplant plants from place to place.
Planting onplotbest done in stages. First you need to plant krupnomer, and only then - small trees and shrubs. Performing landscaping in such a sequence helps to avoid damage to young plantings during transportation of large trees. It is also worth noting that krupnomer - the basis of landscape composition. It is around the big trees that the rest is planted. If there was a lot of debris on the site before planting, then it is best to pour in fertile soil. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the soil from the landing holes on the imported soil.
Then you can go to the landscaping area. Practice laying the lawn. It is the lawn that serves as the final chord of landscape works. The plot after laying immediately get a finished and neat appearance.

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