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How does an orchid reproduce?

Elena Minkina
Elena Minkina
July 17, 2012
How does an orchid reproduce?

If you know how to grow an orchid, then from one favorite flower you can get a few and at the same time, without spending any funds. But an orchid flower is expensive in a flower shop!

Orchid propagates in two ways:

  1. Vegetative reproduction - when it is used for growing a new plant, parts of the parent are used (simple division of a large orchid into several parts, cuttings, side shoots, cuttings, pseudobulbs);
  2. Seed propagation.

With vegetative propagation, a new orchid grows absolutely the same with the mother plant, because they possess the same set of genes. With seed propagation, orchids will never exactly copy their parent plants from which they were derived.

Many novice orchid lovers opt for Phalaenopsis orchids as their first flower. This is due to the fact that among all types of orchids, this flower is considered the least capricious. But, this does not apply to the breeding of this flower.

How to grow Phalaenopsis orchid

When the room content of this orchid rarely gives side shoots, which are also called "kids". Therefore, they must be artificially stimulated. The plant is placed in a room with elevated temperature (from +23 to +30 degrees C). On the flowering peduncle near its base, find a few nodes, which are the sleeping buds of lateral shoots. They are covered with scales. Cut the scales around the base of the kidney with a sharp and thin blade and carefully remove it with tweezers. To activate growth of a naked kidney, it must be lubricated with either a special growth promoter or a fresh birch sap purchased from a store. After a couple of months, a small rosette consisting of several leaves is formed on the site of the sleeping kidney. At this time, the plant needs not only elevated temperature, but also high humidity.

After about 2.5 - 3 months, small roots will appear at the sockets. After they grow to a few centimeters, the baby should be carefully cut along with a small section of the parent plant and planted in a separate pot.

Orchid Phalaenopsis reproduces in another way. This requires the use of ottsvetshy and cut peduncle. It performs the same operation to wake the sleeping kidney, as described above. After that, it is 5 to 8 cm immersed in a vessel with pure water or a very weak solution of any mineral fertilizer. From above, both the vessel and flower stalk are covered with a plastic bag. After the sockets appear on it and their roots grow, they are separated from the peduncle and carefully transplanted into the pot, taking care not to damage the fragile roots of young orchids.


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