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How to grow pansies at home

How to grow pansies at homePansies rightfully occupy an honorable place in various flower arrangements, design solutions, are perfectly combined with many garden plants and have significant shade tolerance. Due to the wide color palette of colors, they are perfect for flower beds, vases and even bouquets. In addition, if you choose the right place for planting, they will multiply by self-seeding, which greatly simplifies the life of gardeners.

How to grow pansies from seed

Pansies or viola, quite versatile plants. They can bloom one, two or even a few days. In the care they are not very whimsical. For planting choose fertile or neutral friable soil. Sow the seeds in early June in a slightly shaded place. Seeds begin to germinate after a couple of weeks.

During this period, special attention should be paid to soil moisture.After the first leaves appear, you can mulch. Plant flowers at a distance of 5-7 cm from each other. They need to settle down for 7-10 days, then it is necessary to start fertilizing the soil.

It is best suited for this humate, weak solutions of cow or chicken droppings. At the end of summer, rooted bushes should be transplanted to a permanent place. Before that, you need to fertilize the soil with humus.
Plants are quite sensitive to frost. Therefore, in advance the ground around the flower should be sprinkled with peat, sawdust. Already in the middle of spring, the viola will please you with variegated flowers, which, with proper care, will please the eye until late autumn.How to grow pansies at home

If you want pansies to bloom earlier, then you need to take care of the seedlings. To this end, in late February, seeds are sown in greenhouses, in well-drained containers. They provide adequate ventilation of the air and prevent moisture stagnation. Then the rooted shoots in early May are planted in the ground. At the same time in 30-40 days the viola will begin to bloom.How to grow pansies at home

How to plant pansies: landing

Pansies sun-loving plants. Therefore, it is correct to plant them in sunny places or slightly shaded. Do not forget that before planting the soil should be well loosened and make mineral fertilizer.When the first inflorescences appear, it is possible to enhance the soil with a small amount of nitrogen fertilizers. After that, the flowers will become even bigger and more magnificent. Also planting the viola, it should be remembered that the plant is quickly pollinated. This can lead to a mixture of species or loss of color.How to grow pansies at home

Please note: the bushes grow well, so when planting, maintain sufficient distance between them, at least 20-25 cm.

Pansies: growing on the balcony

If you do not have a cottage or a flower bed under the window, you can easily maintain pansies at home. To do this you will need plastic or wooden boxes that need to be filled with fertile soil. When growing flowers on the balcony, pay attention to which side it is located. If there is a lot of sunshine, the viola will start to bloom profusely, but not for long. Maximum until mid-July. If the balcony is not on the sunny side, the flowering will not be as abundant, but longer. Also watch for dressing and watering plants.How to grow pansies at home

Using our recommendations, you can grow pansies, not only on private plots, but also at home.Now these beautiful flowers can please you and your loved ones even more.


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