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How to grow spirulina

Grow upspirulinain a small pool that needs to be built according to some instructions. For this you can use bricks, boards, cinder blocks. The size of the pool should be 2x8 meters. Carefully level the bottom and cover with a thick film. If there are termites in the soil, pour a centimeter layer of ash under the film of the pool. Set the arcs made of iron rods, they can be semicircular or triangular.
Water for growing spirulina should be potable, preferably low in calcium. You can use lightly salted water. If very soft water is used, add calcium chloride. The liquid used to grow this type of algae must supply them with the necessary chemical elements. Alkalinity should be between 8 and 11.
The temperature of the medium in which spirulina is grown has a direct effect on its growth rate.This alga is very resistant to reducing temperatures to three degrees above zero. At temperatures above twenty degrees, active growth of algae begins. And at 35-37 degrees - reaches its maximum (higher temperatures lead to the death of the plant). A sharp change or decrease in temperature significantly reduces the yield.
It is recommended to mix gently two or four times a day.spirulinain the pool. Excessive mixing can damage the algae or their fragments, visible only under a microscope, this will cause the formation of foam on the surface of the water. For this you can use an aquarium electric pump. In aquariums less than 100 liters, use a compressor that agitates the culture with air bubbles.
Depending on the initial volume of spirulina, its first growth phase takes between one and four weeks. Then systematically dilute the culture, doubling its volume (when the transparency becomes less than three centimeters).

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