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How to grow strawberries from seed?

December 19, 2014
How to grow strawberries from seed?

Many are waiting for the summer to feast on delicious and juicy strawberries. Berry has an incredibly sweet taste and smell. In addition, the fragrant berry is a real storehouse for the body, as it contains a large amount of vitamin C. Strawberries have a rejuvenating effect and fill the body with vital force.

How to grow strawberries

To grow strawberries from seeds, you must purchase strawberry seeds in a specialty store or independently prepare them.

Seed preparation

The second case involves the selection of ripe strawberries with developed bushes. Then it is necessary to cut off the fleshy part of the berry and let the leftovers dry. Next, you need to grind the mass in the palms to release the grain.

Stored seeds in a glass container. Three months before planting, the material must be kept in low temperature conditions (approximately 2-4 degrees) in the wet state. Before sowing the grain must be dried.

Soil preparation

The soil for planting strawberries is harvested from peat and sand (in part) and two parts of the earth. It is possible to enrich the soil with wood ash and mineral fertilizers.

To get rid of microorganisms, it is recommended to steam the prepared soil. For this, the earth is kept in a water bath for half an hour. After it is necessary to give the soil to restore its properties (approximately three weeks).

Planting strawberries

Sow seeds required in January and February.

  1. Prepare a wooden box and pour a layer of fine gravel or expanded clay (2 centimeters).
  2. Next, pour the prepared soil (layer of 15 centimeters).
  3. Seal the ground and make the grooves. Pour over water.
  4. Spread out the seeds with tweezers (the distance between the grains is 2 centimeters).
  5. Cover the seeds with a layer of soil and moisten the soil again (using a spray bottle).
  6. Cover the box with polyethylene.

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It is important to maintain the temperature regime (approximately 20 degrees). Every day it is necessary to air and moisten the soil.

Care of seedlings

When the first leaves appear, seedlings should be transplanted into pots. Planted plants require careful watering (using a watering can).

Around the end of May, seedlings can be moved to the open ground. Prior to this, it is required to “accustom” the plant to the sun (it is necessary to set the pots in the open air, first in the shade and then in the sun).


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