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How to grow thuja?

Thuja is loved by many for her beautiful regal crown, and the shadow she gives. However, it does not grow in natural conditions in our nature, but it came to us from America and East Asia. But many people think that it is too difficult to grow, and they plant completely different types of trees, but contrary to popular belief, it is not too whimsical, and it’s quite possible to grow in our latitudes. And this tree multiplies, both by seeds and cuttings.

We grow thuya from seeds

If you do not know how to grow thuja from seeds, but you are looking closely at this option, then it should be noted that the thuja seedling grows for about 5 years. But, nevertheless, in this expectation there is a plus - the tree grown on local soil will be more resistant to adverse environmental factors. It is necessary to sow stratified thuja seeds in the spring, deepening them into the ground no more than 5 cm. From above it is necessary to cover the planting with a layer of conifer sawdust, and also to take care of the establishment of a sun barrier. It is necessary to constantly loosen and moisten the ground.In addition, care should be taken to feed the plant. For these purposes, suitable slurry diluted with water in the ratio of 1:20.

We grow thuya from cuttings

If you stopped at the landing of the thugs with a cutting, then a process of 2-3 year old sprouts is suitable, or a semi-woody process of this year, cut off from the tree along with the heel, that is, a piece of old wood. Before you grow thuja from the cutting, it should be treated with heteroauxin. Also, before planting, you will need to take care of the soil composition for rooting the thuja cutting, which consists of peat, sand (river) and sod land in equal proportions. When planting, the cuttings need to be buried by 1.5-2.5 cm. Gardeners are advised to grow seedlings in a greenhouse where the humidity is consistently high. At the same time, it is not necessary to water the cuttings, it is enough to spray them from time to time.

Care for cuttings

Rooted shoots are recommended to periodically harden. Regardless of whether you grow seedlings of thuja from cuttings or seeds, they need to be warmed for the winter. Tuyu should be lined with leaves, fir branches, pine sawdust. In case of frost over 5 degrees, thuja must be covered with a film.

We plant a sapling

As soon as you have a strong seedling, it is important to choose the best place to plant it. For this it is better to choose a penumbra and a place that is well protected from the wind. It is not recommended to plant thuja in the shade of the tree crown. The composition of the soil should be from turf, peat and river sand. The distance between the trees should be at least half a meter. The root neck of a young tree when planting should be above the ground. It is necessary to water a sapling in the first month once a week for 10 liters, also you should not forget to spray it. The soil around the tree should be regularly loosened, but not deep. It is also recommended to mulch it with a 7-centimeter layer of peat or chips.

Spring care

Every spring you need to remove unnecessary and dry branches, so you will form a crown and give it a well-groomed look. Over time, the thuja will not need shelter and warming, since it is rather winter-hardy. Now you know how to grow thuja, and you will enjoy its constant growth.


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