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How to handle a to-do list for each day

The first thing to do is to make a list of cases, given their relevance. In the upper part of the list, it is best to identify urgent matters, while in the lower part - matters that can be postponed.
Never number such lists, as an overwhelming number of future cases can easily dishearten you. Instead of numbering, you can draw asterisks or put dots.
Try to start with the simplest. Select a couple of simple things and start to perform them. Successfully ending the puddle troubles will help you feel the rush of endorphins, after which you will be ready to move mountains.
Alternate complex and simple matters. You should not leave all the difficulties in the end. First, you can be tired, and secondly, long work can reduce to nothing all the enthusiasm that has appeared.
Be sure to cross it off. This will give you confidence that the number of cases is nearing its end, and the desired rest is not far off.
Transfer some of your affairs to another.Performing a complicated but interesting business together or three will not only speed up the process, but also lead to the emergence of new positive relationships.
Persistently bring the work to the end. Do not leave unfulfilled items on your to-do list. You may be loyal to yourself when making a list, but must be demanding when doing it.

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