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How to hide a figure?

Lyudmila Fedotova
Lyudmila Fedotova
May 27, 2015
How to hide a figure?

In the modern world there are a lot of people who are dissatisfied with their appearance. That is why the question of how to hide figure flaws is highly relevant today.

One of the most accessible ways to correct "problem areas" is the right choice of clothes. The main thing is to know the disadvantages and advantages of your figure.


People of short stature should forget about massive accessories, large figure and volumetric textures on toilet articles. It is also desirable to avoid horizontal stripes, which, as a rule, "cut" the shape and make it even lower. The most profitable will be clothes with a high waist and the simplest cut and monochromatic colors (you should not use more than 3 different colors in one image). Girls to increase the small height will also help heels.

Tall people are advised to follow the exact opposite advice. Vertical stripes and small patterns on garments should be excluded. It is necessary to use several contrasting shades in one ensemble of attire.It is necessary to wear trousers, jeans, skirts with low waist, which visually shortens the legs. Forget the little fine accessories. Bags, necklaces, earrings, etc. should be massive, as they will look more harmonious with this type of figure.


In the modern world for many girls one of the main problems of the figure is small breast size. For a visual increase in the bust enough to choose the right bra. It should be understood that a larger bra size does not allow for an increase in breast size, it only focuses attention on this problem. In addition, it is recommended to wear loose T-shirts, blouses with jabot and ruffles, but to abandon flowing fabrics.

Of course, the problem of large breasts is much less common, but still there are women who are shy of their bust. These girls should prefer the classic shirts with a V - neck, dark shades, simple fabrics and fitted cut.


The stomach is probably the most common problem area. To hide this lack of shape, you should abandon clothes with low waist, flowing fabrics, as well as fabrics with lycra.It is recommended to pay attention to clothes from dense fabric, to use massive belts. In addition, you should not fill blouses, shirts and shirts in pants.


Visually hide full legs will help heels and smooth matte fabric of dark shades. However, you should not use black color, since it only emphasizes this lack of shape. It is advisable to wear skirts and dresses well above the knee, as well as with an oblique hemline.


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