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How to hide rows in Excel?

May 7, 2015
How to hide rows in Excel?

When you make large tables, for the convenience of perceiving information and working with it, you can make invisible the currently minor rows and columns. You can hide data in several ways.

Consider each of the ways how to hide rows in Excel, in detail.

Hide rows and columns

This method is the easiest for novice Excel. Everything that's needed:

  1. Select the rows or columns of interest.
  2. Right-click on a row or column header.
  3. In the context menu, select "Hide".

To make hidden information visible again, select the adjacent rows or columns and click "Display" in the context menu.

Data grouping

Grouping data is very convenient in order to trace the hierarchy of importance of information and at any time it is easy to hide or display rows and columns.

  1. Select the rows or columns you want to hide at the same time.
  2. Go to the menu in the "Data" section.
  3. Then go to the “Group and Structure” subsection and select “Group”.
  4. Instead of points 2 and 3, you can use the CTRL + SHIFT + → key combination to group (for ungrouping, use the button with the arrow in the opposite direction).

In total, you can create up to 8 hierarchy levels and then use the "+" and "-" icons to display and hide the grouped information.

Also, for easier and understandable perception of information in the tables, we recommend using line numbers.


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