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How to increase hair growth?

Hair from ancient times personified the strength, status and beauty of man! For modern men and women, hair and their condition is like a business card. Each person is naturally given a certain type of hair, but they must be healthy and strong. However, everyone is familiar with the situation when the hair looks unhealthy, falls out, strongly splits and grows very slowly, as if it is frozen at the same length. For this reason, many are trying to find ways to increase hair growth.

Why don't hair grow?

Nowadays, the reasons for the stop of hair growth can be:

  1. stress and nervous tension,
  2. unhealthy diet and diet,
  3. alcohol and smoking
  4. bad ecology,
  5. wrong hair care
  6. substandard cosmetics.

All these reasons lead to the fact that the hair follicles are not saturated with the vitamins and minerals they need and seem to hibernate. The most basic minerals that affect hair growth are calcium, iodine, magnesium, chromium, iron, manganese, zinc, and potassium.

How to help our hair?

  1. Try to get enough sleep, avoid overstrain.
  2. Try to eat varied. Try to balance your diet. Of course, this is not so easy with the frantic pace of modern life. The fruits and vegetables of green and yellow colors have the best effect on our hair; Hercules; beans; rice, especially wild brown; soybeans and walnuts. If possible, eat these foods as often as possible. In any case, the body should be supported by the intake of vitamins and complexes of various minerals.
  3. Get rid of the addiction as much as possible. Nicotine is a poison not only for hair and skin, but also for all other organs, as well as an excess of alcohol. Coffee is also not an aid in hair growth, it has a strong effect on blood circulation, including in the scalp. You can always replace one habit with another. Replace a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of beer, for example, on a trip to the sauna.
  4. Properly care for your hair. Do not ruin your hair with frequent stains and other strong chemical effects. Do not get carried away hair dryer and curling.
  5. Carefully read the contents of shampoos, varnishes, mousses and other products that you use. By trial and error, choose the most suitable options.
  6. Pamper your hair with massages and masks. This can be a good help in solving the problem, how to increase hair growth!

Folk remedies to help hair

Now the cosmetics market offers a rich selection of hair growth and strengthening products. But there are options tested by our great-grandmothers. Here are just a few of them.

Mustard mask

  • mustard powder (2 tablespoons);
  • hot or warm water (2 tablespoons);
  • sugar (a teaspoon);
  • single egg yolk.

Mix it all and apply on your head. Shake your head with a towel and wait 25-30 minutes. Then wash your hair with plain warm water.

Mask with onions and honey

  • 1 onion;
  • 4 teaspoons of honey;
  • A drop of high quality olive oil.

Mix a spoonful of grated onions with four spoons of honey and olive oil. This mixture is rubbed into the head for about half an hour. Then rinse hair with water. This recipe is at the same time nutrition of the roots of the hair and massage, which will increase blood circulation in the cells of the scalp.

Take care and watch your hair, try to follow the described tips and maybe you will never have a question about how to increase hair growth!


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