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How to insert a tampon: video and photo

How to insert a tampon photo

How to insert a tampon correctly - photo and video examples.

Tampons replace habitual sanitary pads for many women. Tampons give a feeling of dryness and comfort during menstruation, it is convenient to use them during sports and during bathing. For those women who have not previously used tampons, there may be many questions: where and how to insert a tampon, whether it hurts. Below is an instruction with a photo, and below is a video and some useful tips.


All manufacturers of this hygienic product indicate on the packaging of their goods detailed instructions on how to use them. However, it is still worthwhile to dwell on the tampon use guide with an applicator.


1. First, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
2. Then you need to get the swab out of the package, you do not need to remove the individual packaging.
3. You need to relax, if you do not do this, you can hurt yourself.
4. It is necessary to find a comfortable position (sitting, standing) so that you can easily reach where you want.
5. Next, you need to slightly push and bend the legs at the knees.
6You need to get a tampon from the individual packaging.
7. Extend the applicator.
8. Hand take the applicator in the middle.
9. Position the applicator towards the vagina.
10. With the other hand you need to push the entrance to the vagina.
11. Insert the applicator with the swab inwards, approximately to the middle (up to the part that is extended).
12. At this stage, you need a slight movement to move the tampon inside.
13. Proper placement of the tampon will give you a feeling of comfort and convenience, and you will not feel it.
14. If there is a feeling of discomfort, then you need to insert a tampon a little deeper. If the tampon is deep, and the discomfort does not disappear, then you need to remove the tampon. Remove the other swab from the packaging and try again.
15. When insert a tampon, you need to get the applicator and get rid of it, as indicated by the manufacturer.
16. Depending on how much a tampon can absorb and on the abundance of discharge, tampons change once every 4-6 hours.
17. After removing the tampon, wash your hands with soap and water.
18. It is better to use tampons at night, it is better to use hygiene pads at night.

Here is a short step-by-step photo instruction on inserting a tampon, and shownwhere to insert the tampon, so as not to be confused places on the first.

How to insert a tampon photo

How to insert a tampon photo is an example.Where to insert a tampon.

It is a little more difficult to insert a tampon without an applicator, but in general the procedure is not much different.

Sometimes, because of its small size, the hymen does not allow insertion of a tampon. In this situation, only a gynecologist can help.

The use of tampons can contribute to a rare disease - toxic shock. It is rare, but it is worth remembering. Toxic manifested:

  1. The temperature rises above 38⁰С.
  2. Vomiting or diarrhea.
  3. The occurrence of severe muscle pain.
  4. Inflammation of the eyes.
  5. Weakness and dizziness.
  6. Rash.


When you find yourself in these symptoms, you must immediately get a tampon and seek medical help.

Now watch the video on how to insert a tampon, it shows how to do it correctly, to consolidate the information.


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