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How to insert text using the keyboard?

Julia Agafonova
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How to insert text using the keyboard?

A professional, while writing a fairly voluminous article, can never touch a mouse using only hot keys. Do you want to or just want to copy and paste text using the keyboard? Now tell you how.

How to copy or cut text:

  1. Select a piece of text with the mouse or press CTRL + A, if you want to select all the text.
  2. By simultaneously pressing the CTRL and C keys, you can copy the text. If you press CTRL and X, you will cut the text.

Now how to paste copied text:

  1. Click where you want to insert text.
  2. Press the CTRL and V key simultaneously.

Repeat the combination of hotkeys used:

  1. CTRL + X -�cut;
  2. CTRL + C -�copy;
  3. CTRL + V -�insert.

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