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How to install a boiler?

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How to install a boiler?

A boiler is a great way to solve a hot water shutdown problem. Installing a boiler with your own hands is a simple process if you know the basic principles and sequence of actions. No special knowledge or skills are required for this, so there is no need to fear failure.

Our article will tell about all the nuances of this process.

How to install the boiler correctly

First of all, you need to decide on the installation location of the boiler. It all depends on the layout of your apartment and the dimensions of the unit itself. Usually the boiler is installed in the toilet, bathroom or kitchen. If you live in a private house, then when choosing a place you must take into account the location of the rooms that consume water (bath, kitchen, etc.). The boiler should be installed as close as possible to the place where more water will be consumed. After all, the farther the tap is located from the boiler, the more time it is necessary to drain cold water. And this, from the point of view of economy, is irrational.

So, you chose a place, put a boiler on the wall. If it is overall, we advise you to retreat 10 cm from the ceiling so that you can put it on and take it off. Ask the assistant to mark the location of future fixtures with a marker on the wall. Do it very carefully, the success of your event depends on the correct basting.

Using a drill, drill holes and twist fasteners. Now you can install a boiler on them. But before that we recommend that you check the threads at the cold water inlet and at the hot outlet. If the hose is screwed on one and a half to two turns, it is necessary to drive the thread through the plate. If you live in a high-rise building, we strongly recommend that you install two separate shut-off valves on the boiler. This way you will protect your and your neighbors' apartments from being flooded in the event of a boiler breakdown.

Water connections

The next stage of installing the boiler with your own hands is to connect it to the plumbing system. In order to figure out which hose to connect, pay attention to the thread color: for cold water it is blue, for hot water it is red.Wind flax or other compactor, wrap the waste valve at the inlet of cold water and connect them to the water supply. This can be done with a hose or pipe. In the same way, connect the outlet for hot water with water supply. Masters do not recommend using flexible hoses that tend to burst at high pressure.


Fill the boiler with cold water and then open the hot water tap on the mixer to remove all air from the boiler. Plug it in and turn it on. If there is no problem with electricity, then after 2 hours the boiler can be used. If you installed additional taps to shut off the water, make sure that they are open. Under the waste (safety) valve of the boiler, set the tank. During heating, excess pressure will be released, leading to water leakage.

If you have plastic or plastic pipes, it is not recommended to set the temperature above 70 degrees. They are not designed for such thermal loads and may melt. This is what the boiler installation scheme consists of.


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