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How to install a translator?

Previously, the profession of a translator was considered honorable and highly demanded in the labor market. Far not everyone knew foreign languages ​​at the proper level and could translate even the simplest text in English. However, with the advent of special programs for translating, the popularity of this profession has dramatically decreased.

Of course, software or, as it is also called, machine translation does not compare with the translation made by a professional, but you can get a primary idea of ​​what the text says. In this article we will talk about which translators are the most popular and how to install the translator on various devices.

Online translators and dictionaries

If you do not need to often translate texts from a foreign language, it makes no sense to buy and install a special program on your computer. You can use an online translator, to launch which you simply go to the website of its manufacturer and enter the text for translation in the appropriate window.Among the most popular online translators are the following:

You will need to select the language in which the text is written, and also choose the language of the translation. If you use Google’s translator, you don’t need to install the source language - the program can detect it automatically.

You can also install the translator directly in your browser to translate entire pages in a web browser with one click. To install the translator in the browser, you will need to download and connect one of the many extensions, such as, for example,. In some browsers, this extension is installed by default.

Computer dictionaries

To install a translator on a computer that is required to perform machine translation of whole text fragments would require a much larger hard disk space than a PC can now afford, therefore this action means installing a dictionary.

Among electronic dictionaries, ABBYY Lingvo software is considered to be the recognized leader in this industry. To install this translator on a computer, you will need to download it from the official website of the company. Please note that the program is paid,however, you can use the trial version with limited functionality for free.

In addition, you can use the following programs:

Translators for smartphones

Due to the growing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, developers have adapted many translators for use with portable devices. Most online translators have purchased new, mobile versions that are convenient to use from a mobile phone.


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