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How to install poles for the fence?

Installing pillars for the fence is the most important step in the construction of this entire enclosing structure. It depends on the quality of the installation of the pillars how long the fence can remain in its original state. In order for your fence to stand as new for many years, we recommend taking into account tips on how to put up pillars for the fence, what materials and tools are needed for this.

Pillar material

The main materials of the fence posts are:

  • metal profile (round or rectangular);
  • square pine bars;
  • reinforced concrete.

Required tools

From the tools for the work we need:

  • bayonet and shovel shovels or a drill for the development of pits;
  • cord for posting exactly one line;
  • measuring tape for measuring intervals;
  • level of construction for exhibiting vertical column;

How and from what to make pillars for the fence

Metal pillars are very easy to install, they are strong and durable, but for this they need to be coated with anti-corrosion compounds and regularly painted.Wood pillars are environmentally friendly, they are relatively inexpensive, and also look very aesthetically pleasing in almost any fence. However, they also require treatment with special varnishes or paints to protect against exposure to the external environment and insects.

The only material that does not require special coating is reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete pillars will stand for a very, very long time, they have a smooth and beautiful surface, and you can also make them yourself if you wish.

Installation of fence posts

At the very beginning of work it is necessary to mark the corners of the site that will be fenced. At the installation site of the corner post, you need to drive a peg. Then the question arises: how to put the fence posts ideally exactly in one line. In this case, the cord stretched between the pegs helps very well.

The interval between the pillars of a not very high fence usually takes 2-2.5 m. But if the section from corner to corner is short, then it is better to choose an interval that will divide the entire length into equal spans. After all the pegs have been placed on the posts, you can begin the earthworks.

How to dig poles for the fence

For digging in the pillars, you can use a shovel, and better a drill. The hole diameter should allow the installation of a pole with a 10-15 cm gap between the pole and the hole wall. Depth of production should be at least 0.5-0.6 meters.

At the bottom of the finished hole you need to lay crushed stone or throw stones. Then we install the pillar and fill the free space with stones, leaving room for a concrete solution or earth. Fill in concrete or fill the ground.

In the case of concrete, you can shake a pillar so that the solution fills the entire space. The earth needs to be tamped. It is very important at the very beginning to set the pillar exactly in level, because after the concrete has hardened, deviations from the vertical will not be corrected.

How to concrete poles for the fence

If the fence is high enough - from 1.5 m - and it has gates or wickets, then the pillars for it must be concreted. Concrete solution for this can be prepared from a mixture of CBC (OPGS) and cement brand 300-400 in the ratio of 3/1. Water is needed in such an amount that the consistency of the solution is sufficiently fluid, but not liquid.


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