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How to install the liner in the bath

To restore the coating of the old bath, there are several ways. One of them is the insertion of a special liner of acrylic. This operation can be entrusted to specialists to carry out or to take up the business on their own if you possess the appropriate skills.

How to start bath restoration

In order to choose the right acrylic insert for the bath, you first need to determine the type of bath. To do this, you can call a specialist to make measurements. Some companies provide the ability to perform measurements on their own through telephone consultation. The dispatcher will be able to determine the type of bath according to two or three parameters provided by the customer, since not many standard types of baths are produced under production conditions. If your bath was made on special order, a good company can offer another option.
Acrylic liner can be installed by yourself. When you deliver it to the house, prepare the bath for work.Free the sides of the bath from unnecessary items. To securely install the liner in the bath, you must first try it on. To do this, it is inserted into the old bath and check how tightly it fits. If there is a gap between the acrylic sheet and the surface of the bath, it will have to be filled with a special foam for the bath.
It is necessary to shut off the water to perform the installation of drain and overflow from inside the liner. If the dimensions of the bath and liner are fully consistent with each other, installation is very simple. It is necessary to lubricate both surfaces with a sealant, then firmly press them together. Sealant should also be lubricated lubricate the thread area overflow and drain.

Bath liner fit

If the liner is not exactly the right size, you need to perform a fit with foam. To do this, the right amount of foam is applied to the gaps, after which the acrylic product is placed in the old bath and pressed against the side of the board manually. This operation must be performed no later than five minutes after applying the foam. After that, you need to stand in the bath with your feet, after removing the shoes, and first press down the acrylic in the drain area.Next, gently and gently press the bottom of the canvas, while moving in the direction from the drain to the opposite side of the bath. You can knees and elbows make a soft crushing of the walls of the acrylic liner.
After installation of the drain and overflow it is necessary to close the drain plug and fill the bath with water. Its level should be slightly behind the overflow hole - about two centimeters. Water dial cold. The bath should be filled for about six hours, then the water is drained. You can start using the bath in about a day.

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