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How to insulate the ceiling?

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How to insulate the ceiling?

Starting to equip the house, the first thing you need to warm the ceiling. Because it is the main point that retains heat. If everything is done correctly, then you will not have to overpay for heating. This article will explain how to insulate the ceiling, what materials will be needed for this.

Warming the ceiling in the house

We list what is needed for this:

  • Insulation - mineral wool
  • Polyfoam, 50 mm thick
  • Glassine for waterproofing
  • Edged board, 30 mm by 150 mm
  • Nails
  • Reiki, 10-20 mm
  • Foam assembly
  • Tools: knife, hammer, hacksaw or jigsaw

Before you start work, you need to make a calculation of the material, the result of which will be the thickness of the insulation cover. It should be borne in mind that the heat transfer coefficient must be not less than 0.24 W / m2xK, which is achieved with a thickness of 15 to 40 cm (depends on whether a new or old building and the material's thermal conductivity class).

Do not neglect the requirements of fire safety:

  • Insulation is required to slow down the spread of fire flame for 25 minutes in a private house and 90 minutes in an apartment.
  • Be sure to seal the ceilings separating the main room and the attic, prior to the installation of thermal insulation.
  • Before carrying out insulation in a house with wooden beams, it is necessary to install a vapor barrier to avoid moisture accumulation. You can close the ceiling plasterboard or spend plastering.

The choice of insulation technology

Next, you need to choose the appropriate technology of insulation, each of which has its own pros and cons. If there is a difficulty in understanding one or another method of insulation, you can resort to using the Internet and find how to warm the ceiling, a video with a detailed description of all the actions taken.

Warming of interfloor overlapping by polyfoam

It is suitable for insulation of floor decks. When this occurs, the phased laying of all components (asphalt, foam, slats, mineral wool). The method gives the freedom to choose the thickness of the insulation layer and the choice of materials (roll insulation or bulk).

Warming of the room from the inside

At the same time, it is necessary to carefully carry out all the work and carefully approach the choice of materials. This method is ideal in the situation of using the attic as a warehouse, rather than a dwelling, and if, moreover, it has air ducts and various types of communications. When you insulate the ceiling from the inside, you need to consider that the height of the room decreases here.

Warming penoizolom

This requires professional skills and special equipment. The method consists in distributing special powdered insulation (perlite) over the floors, after all the preparatory work on the insulation of residential premises is carried out in order to avoid material entering there.

Insulation of the ceiling in the apartment

This is true for apartments located on the upper floors of apartment buildings. With insufficient insulation warm air from the living room goes up through the floor slabs. If you have wondered how to insulate the ceiling in the apartment yourself, then today there are many ways and materials from which you can choose the right one.

  • The fastest and easiest method is to glue foam plates to the ceiling.They are ready to use, have a pattern that adorns the surface, they only need to be fixed with special glue on the ceiling.
  • Another way is more costly, but also more reliable in the final result. It consists in warming the ceiling with thin rolled materials, for example, polystyrene foam. It has a thickness of up to 5 mm, is attached to the ceiling with glue and fixed with dowels. A mesh is put on top and covered with reinforcement putty. In the end, it is puttied, ground, primed and coated with paint.
  • Consider the better to warm the ceiling of the house. For this you can use drywall or wall paneling. Thermal insulation (mineral wool, foam plastic, insulating membrane with foil side) with special composition and dowels is mounted on the profile frame. Finishing material, plasterboard or wall paneling is laid on top.
  • If you do not intend to finish the plasterboard, then you can suggest the following: glue the base for thermal insulation to the ceiling with reinforcement putty, put a fiberglass net on top of it, with an overlap of 5 cm in edges.As it dries, another layer is applied, and then as many layers as necessary for leveling. The finished surface must be sanded, primed and coated with paint. In this case, we must not forget about wiring.

Now you know all about how you can insulate the ceiling in a private house or apartment. Knowledge of all available technologies will help you choose the most suitable for your case. In this case, there is no extra knowledge, because everything must be done correctly and safely. We wish you good luck!


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