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How to kiss passionately and in French?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
May 11, 2011
How to kiss passionately and in French?

The article on how to kiss a passionately kiss, I want to start with one fact about kissing a passionate kiss. It turns out that such a kiss not only gives a person great pleasure, but also has a very useful preventive effect. The fact is that people, kissing passionately, exchange different bacteria. But their number is so small that their actions are not enough to infect, but enough for the body to produce antibodies to various diseases. Now, with such a positive attitude, we turn to how to properly kiss a passionate tongue.

A passionate kiss is a rather jargon, colloquial version of the name of the famous French kiss. Kissing in French is right with tongues, but you should always start a French kiss with a kiss on the lips. A real French kiss should be very sensual and romantic, so you should not forget about the prelude.

Get closer to each other, look at your partner's lips, lick your lips. At the time of their convergence, open your mouth a little and, with relaxed lips, touch the lips of your partner. Then deviate quite a bit and look at the lips of a loved one. You will immediately feel that it is time to continue your kiss. This is where the real French kiss begins. When kissing with your lips, sign your tongue in your partner's mouth, the tongue should be slightly relaxed. Do not push it far. The first time this distance should be small, let your tongues meet and caress each other. Kissing passionately with the language must be mutual, that is, your tongues should move at the same time. Later you can start playing not only with the tips of the tongues, but also with their wide part. The more you practice in the French kiss, the more often you begin to fantasize. Already you can lick the lips of a loved one, suck his tongue and take his upper or lower lip with his soft, relaxed lips.

The best way to properly kiss a French kiss is practice and training. Kiss more and let your imagination run free! Good luck!


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