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How to knit a dress?

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How to knit a dress?

Knitted dress, like any other thing, can be made of any type of yarn - cotton, wool, synthetic yarn. Each craftswoman is able to pick up any pattern she likes, which can be crocheted or knitted. Especially cute look children's dresses, crocheted, both for newborns and for teens.

What materials will be needed

Before you start knitting a dress with both knitting and crocheting, you need to choose the pattern by which this product will be made. It can be made independently or copied from a fashion magazine. We advise you to read our article on knitting dresses on the needles - How to knit a dress with needles.

Then a pattern (drawing) is selected, according to which the whole dress or its individual elements will be knitted. Note that, depending on the style of the future dress, it can be done by any, even the simplest ways of knitting - garter, stocking, rubber (if you knit with needles), columns (if you crochet).dress

Knit baby dress, as for an adult girl / woman, it is better from natural threads, as in synthetic it will be hot and uncomfortable.But things for adults can also be knitted from semi-synthetics, since such threads hold their shape better and do not roll when worn or washed. A detailed scheme of knitting children's dresses is contained in our article - How to knit a dress for a girl.

Let's open a little secret how to knit a dress for a girl. You can simply take a pattern of a dress for adults, reduce it, and then knit a child's thing on it. Knitting a dress is usually tied into a tack: a separate sleeve, back and front, which can also be knitted with a solid cloth, if the thing is done in raglan technique.

Summer and winter dresses

A crocheted dress is suitable for both warm and cold seasons. But when crocheting, lighter, delicate structures are performed. Therefore, if it is already decided to crochet a dress, then it is better to wear it in summer. For winter it is better to tiedressKnit dress, using thicker yarn and greater knitting density. Accordingly, the number of the needles or the hook is selected under the thread density.

For summer styles fit a variety of dresses - with a deep neckline, without sleeves or with small sleeves. Considering that the dress is crocheted as well as fine-knit, it can shine through, you will need to hem a lining under it or wear such clothes with a combination.

Winter models are better to knit long (although this is a matter of taste), with a “neck” or a collar-collar. As for the length of the sleeves, here, too, everything is individual, they may not be at all if it is assumed that the dress will be worn over a shirt or blouse.


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