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How do I know that you love?

When people communicate for a long time, meet, get intimate relationships, it can lead to true love. But more often than not, people are very timid and do not always admit their partner�s love. This raises a simple question how to find out that they love you. In this case, shyness can have not only a girl, but also a boyfriend, which can lead to a break and a dead end in a relationship. Someone must always take the first step towards, and for this, many people just want to know if the other person loves them.

Let's take a closer look at the signs of when a guy or girl loves his other half.

How to find out what a guy likes

Guys are not always brave and courageous, so they are not always able to confess love to their girlfriend. Sometimes they delay this process as long as possible to avoid their embarrassing behavior. But to determine whether a guy loves a girl, you can on several simple grounds:

  • By the way the guy communicates with the girl you can learn a lot. If he talks to her gently, tenderly and carefully, makes compliments,does not use foul language in the presence of a girl, talks about the future and makes plans, constantly invites him somewhere, he obviously loves his girlfriend.
  • If a guy is interested in the life of a girl and remembers significant dates, then it says a lot in relationship. Also, he will strive to spend time with his girlfriend as much as possible to the detriment of certain aspects of his life, which will clearly indicate his love for a girlfriend.
  • At a glance. If a guy looks at a girl tenderly and never frowns, and his look often lingers on a girl for a long time, then he loves her.
  • The actions of the guy talk about his feelings the most. During the day, he can constantly call or write messages, help in many things, behave like a gentleman, give different pleasant things, be jealous of other guys, not communicate and not flirt with other girls. These actions will tell a girl a lot.
  • By gestures. The guy never pats you as his friend on the shoulder, because he remembers that you are a fragile being. He takes you by the hand, hugs and tries hard to touch.
  • If a guy seeks to protect the girl and solve some questions for her on his own, then this means that he feels responsible for the girl. And this is most likely a sure sign that he loves a girl.

How to find out what a girl likes

If guys can pull themselves together and take the first step, then girls most often because of their timidity or belief are not able to confess their love directly. In this case, it is possible to determine the feeling of a girl�s love for a guy according to certain characteristic features:

  • If a girl pays attention to a guy, is gentle with him, respects him, then she definitely loves this guy.
  • If a girl often calls and writes messages, is interested in everyday life and gives you maximum of her time, she loves you.
  • If a girl loves a guy, then it can be easily caught in her conversations with him. She herself will strive to talk more, talk about herself, ask the guy about something and keep the conversation going.
  • The look of a girl can often linger on a guy. This suggests that she is clearly not indifferent. A gentle and ingratiating gaze is a clear sign of her love.
  • If a girl allows herself to protect and make decisions for her guy, then she, most likely, loves and trusts the guy.

If, by gestures, conversation and other signs, you could not understand if a girl loves you, then you should ask her about it directly.However, the girl may hesitate and not respond immediately or not at all. This suggests that all is not lost and you can achieve her love if you take care of her. Or maybe she is just too shy to say this phrase out loud or the relationship has not gone far enough for this question.


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