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How to learn beatbox?

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How to learn beatbox?

A beatbox is an imitation of musical, rhythmic sounds using the organs of the vocal apparatus. Most beatboxes are used as an accompaniment to hip-hop concerts. Long-term training will help to achieve serious heights in this difficult form of art.

To understand how to learn beatbox, you should watch a lot of video tutorials, as well as learn three basic sounds to get you started: “kick” (you need to say the letter “B” without unclenching your lips), “hat” (shortly “C”) and “snar "(The heaviest sound at the beginning, it is necessary with puffed cheeks to say" PUFF "only with lips, without using a vocal apparatus). There is also a certain beatboxing gamma "B t Ka t B t Ka t.". Constantly need to improve, by repetition, seen on video or heard in your player. The most proven method is to contact a professional with a request for private lessons, so learning the beatbox will be the easiest.

In the video, how to learn beatbox, very lucidly shown and told about the various techniques of performance, the key sounds that need to be learned, etc.

When the first basics are comprehended, the first sounds are learned through long grueling lessons, you can start lessons on how to learn how to do beatbox (it’s not about three learned sounds, but about the same standard beatboxing range for example).

Now you can start building a bit. One beat usually contains 8 sounds (professionals have 16 sounds, but for now it’s too early to think about it), you need to start slowly repeating the main three sounds, look for the right rhythm, the main thing is not to hurry and do everything correctly.

We must not lose faith in ourselves and not be ashamed of the fact that at first nothing really works and the sounds come out funny and strange. All went through this, the main successes are still far ahead.

It is necessary not to overdo it and at the time of a sore throat, stop your workouts for a while, drink tea, let the ligaments rest. After self-confidence has come, and the main sounds have been memorized, it is worthwhile to start more complex combinations and gradually expand your circle of knowledge in bits.

Do not be afraid to experiment, if you decide to independently combine some sounds, and you did well, the main thing is not to stop and continue to build beats.

After that, you can proceed to the next step and watch how to learn to read the beatbox.

For example, you have already grasped all the basics and nuances, and even built your own bit, now it's up to you - you need to learn how to read it correctly.

To do this, it is recommended to constantly listen to well-known performers in this direction and try to catch their rhythm, in order to try to adjust their beats to these “correct rhythms”, but there are no definite standards here, you should like it yourself or the people for whom you are going read, the rest - already the details that are adjusted in the process of further development and grinding of his talent.

There are a lot of sounds, so you can constantly try various combinations, look for some new bits, always try not to stand still, but constantly look for options for development and further self-study. This is what is most important in beatbox - the desire to learn and comprehend new facets of this wonderful art.


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