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How to learn how to quickly put things in order in an apartment

Very often inexperienced housewives say that the greater the living space, the more problematic it is to maintain an ideal order in it. Of course, in a small apartment get out much faster. But with the right approach, even huge apartments can be put in order in half an hour. It is very important for the order that all things are in their places, organizers for storage will help you in this, for more details about which you can find on http://www.lovetta.ru/collection/organayzery.

It is best not to allocate a full day for capital cleaning, learn to bring the room in order in another way. Modern housewives skillfully use the rule of 15 minutes, which should be given daily cleaning. This will help you maintain cleanliness in the room and will not require much time. Distribute the apartment in advance to the zones, each of which pay attention to a particular day of the week. For example,The ideal plan for high-quality and most efficient cleaning may look like this. On Monday, start polishing the kitchen. Pay attention to the taps, sink, stove, tile. Use for this a variety of cleaning products and a rag made of microfiber. On Tuesday, you can manage to clean the carpets throughout the apartment in 15 minutes. If you prefer laminate during construction, clean it with a special tool. Scroll for five minutes to clean up the accumulated dust. Wednesday is the day when you have to put in order the lighting and window sills, removing pollution from them. In this you will help a brush with a folding handle that is designed to clean hard-to-reach places. Start with washing the bathroom and tiles, grate to the shine of the shower. 15 minutes will be enough. To prevent mold from forming in the bathroom, do not forget to air the room. On Friday, before the start of the long-awaited weekend, you will have to tackle a not very pleasant task. We are talking about cleaning the toilet and cleaning the toilet. Your goal is to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Saturday and Sunday are the days when you can afford to rest. Take care of the lockers and dressing room, put all the things on the shelves.If you follow all of the above, unexpected guests will not be able to take you by surprise, because your apartment will always shine with cleanliness and be in perfect order.


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