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How to learn to always get good in photos

Even if you are not a mad fan of selfies and limit yourself to just a couple of photos in the “a-this-me-on-vacation” style in networks, this foolish sensation is familiar to you, when everyone in the group photo is pretty and you are worried, sad , sleepy and anything else, but not so much that everyone could see in a chorus your photogenicity. And if the camera would not be built into each device now and your friends would not have the habit of uploading your photos to the network without permission, then we would continue to think that the ability to work well in photos is some kind of higher skill, but not a simple set of cunning tricks.

One of these tricks has been declassified by professional photographer Peter Hurley, who works in portrait photography. His trick is called “squinching”, or, in our opinion, just squinting. In the video tutorial on this topic, Hurley says that most of his clients react to the camera equally,posing for portraiture: they open their eyes wide and turn their faces directly at the photographer, which makes the oval of the face seem wide and the look frightened. Applying skuying, or squinting, you lift up and squeeze the bottom of the eyelid a little (try, it's actually much harder to do than it seems), making the look more focused and charismatic.

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Snapping as a way to get better in photos absolutely definitely does not suit everyone, but, for example, for owners of large eyes, it certainly can be useful. As an acknowledgment, you can see photos from official events and from the usual life of actress Mila Kunis and Kara Delevin models who actively use skuinching in posing in front of the camera. On the photos of the paparazzi these girls unintentionally look as if tired and sleepy, and on the pictures on the red carpet they turn out to be beauties (we do not exclude professional make-up, but still!). Without resorting to examples of stars, Hurley and the examples of ordinary people demonstrate how screwing up in some incomprehensible way makes one look more self-assured in the frame.


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