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How to make a bookshelf?

Increasingly interested in the question of how to make bookshelves with their own hands. This is not surprising, because such a decision will not only help save a significant amount of money, but also pick up everything to your liking. And the books never went out of fashion, and each house has its own small library, where, according to the owner, the best bestsellers, which their children will read later, are collected. Consider how to make a bookshelf yourself.

Bookshelf with inset glass

Materials that we will need during the work:

  • Plates (chipboard / plasterboard / joinery).
  • Plywood.
  • Spikes made of wood (8 pcs.).
  • Glass.
  • Square.
  • Drill, hammer, file.
  • Nails, screws.
  • Insulation tape, veneer.
  • PVA glue, varnish.
  • Plastic poloski, an emery paper.


  • Measurements. Walls (slabs): upper and lower — 900 × 230 mm, lateral - 320 × 230 mm, rear (plywood) - 940 × 320 mm. The spikes are 8 mm (diameter) and 35 mm (length), with the help of which the flange parts will be fastened. Also, to make bookshelves with glass, you must use the square, which will make the markings of the corners, they must be straight.
  • Holes for spikes.Side walls (inner side): make a line, counting 10 mm of the upper edge over a length of 230 mm; on the line drawn, we mark two points from both ends at a distance of 50 mm. Attach an insulating tape to the drill and make holes to a depth of 15 mm. Upper and lower shelves: make a line in the middle of the short sides, on which we put the points of the front edge 50 mm and 180 mm after. Drill holes to a depth of 20 mm.
  • Holistic design. Insert the greased spikes into the holes, tapping with a hammer. We take nails of 20 mm and nail the back wall to the structure. After the glue dries (2 hours), we attach the back wall with screws, without taking out the nails.
  • Exterior finish shelves. We cut the veneer into strips; they should be wider and longer than the front edges, which we lubricate with glue. After the glue is dry, adjust the veneer and iron it. Excess veneer is removed with a file. Next, twice varnish, after the first time, sand the surface with sandpaper.
  • Insert glass. We take two plastic poloski: one - with a narrow side, the second - with a wide side. The first set with glue at the bottom of the shelf, the second - at the top. After nailing.

As you can see, making bookshelves is a fairly easy procedure. It involves a simple instruction that must be followed exactly.

Bookshelf - shelving

Bookshelves made of wood are made by analogy with other types, all in 4 main stages, which our article will fully reveal.


  • Shields (4 pcs.).
  • Plywood.
  • Wooden spikes (8 pcs.).
  • Square.
  • Drill, hammer.
  • Nails, screws.
  • Veneer, sandpaper.
  • PVA glue, varnish.


  • Wall measurements: Side panels - 320x230 mm, lower and upper - 900x230 mm. Rear wall: plywood - 940x320 mm, thickness 4 mm. Spikes: length - 35 mm, diameter - 8 mm.
  • Holes for spikes. We draw a parallel line at a distance of 10 mm from the edge of the shield and mark two points at a distance from the front edge - 180 mm and 50 mm. And we make holes to a depth of 15 mm for the side walls and 20 mm for the upper and lower walls.
  • Holistic design. We coat the holes and studs with PVA glue, assemble the structure and tap it with a hammer. Leave to dry for 2 hours, after which we nail the back wall with nails of 20 mm at each corner. Then attach the screws without removing the nails.
  • Exterior finish shelves. We coat the front edges with glue and after it dries, fix the veneer strips, ironing it with an iron. Speakers extra pieces clean the file.And varnish the shelf at least two times, each time grinding it with emery paper.

Now you know how to make bookshelves yourself. Photos on this topic you can find on the Internet, they will help you to easily determine the design. And our article will help to quickly make any regiment.


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