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How to make a cat mask?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
March 20, 2013
How to make a cat mask?

Today, knowing how to make a cat mask with your own hands may be necessary not only for mothers whose children are going to a matinee in kindergarten. The popularity of organizing themed corporate parties, various costumed parties and New Year's holidays is forced by adults to invent and think through the chosen image in detail. Often, having dealt with everything else in a suit, it remains only to decide how to make a cat mask.

There are a lot of options. First of all, any mask today can be bought or made to order. But it is still interesting to try and do everything yourself. You can be sure that the handmade cat mask will be appreciated.

Mask Material

First of all, wanting to make a cat mask, you need to decide on the material from which it will be made. It can be any fabric, paper or cardboard, thin plastic, rubber, leather or leatherette, wool.The best solution would be if you compile several materials, this will give the mask volume and vitality. At the heart of the cat's mask can be cardboard, on top of which you can glue the fabric, wool and various kinds of trifles - antennae, cilia.

If the image needs a catwoman's mask, it is best to pick up leather or black leatherette. So the resulting mask will look more like the costume of the famous movie character. If a mask is needed for a short time, then the best way out would be a cat mask out of paper, then it would not be a pity to lose it or just leave it somewhere.

The process of making a mask

Having defined the material, you can start creating a mask. First, it is better to make a draft of her version - draw on paper or cardboard, you still have to adjust the mask. Then on the same draft version it is necessary to position the holes for the eyes and nose as accurately as possible. It is important that the mask looks symmetrical.

If the cat's mask, created with its own hands, will not be put on the face, but on the head, it is necessary to accurately measure the circumference of the head, since if the mask is small or large, it will cause inconvenience and discomfort.Fully coordinating all the dimensions of the mask on the draft version, you can safely proceed to the final manufacture and subsequent decoration. Cut the mask out of the material, process the edges, if necessary, sew a small, delicate gum around the edges of the mask so that, putting it on, you can fasten the mask tightly on the head. If you make a mask on your face, then it would be nice to separately form the cat ears from the same material that you put on your head (also think how it would be more convenient for you to fix the ears on your head). If desired, the mustache can be drawn on the mask, so it will become more like a cat.


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