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How to make a child eat?

As a child grows up, their skills, needs, skills, character and eating habits change. And parents often face the problem of feeding their baby. Often the child does not eat well or refuses to eat at all. What can be done in such a situation, and how to make the child eat? First of all, the cause of poor appetite of a child should be looked for in the methods and means of education.

Excessive attention

In some families, children are accustomed, there are dancing, songs and stories of their grandparents. Therefore, if a child does not eat well, then the matter is not in appetite, in simple excessive attention. Such entertainment gives him a lot of pleasure and becomes a habit. And in the absence of attention to get the baby to eat in a quiet environment is very difficult. Of course, all the grandparents want to pamper their grandchildren as much as possible, but the parents of a child are embarrassed to make a remark to their elders. The result is a vicious circle. Therefore, even if you live with your parents, it is better to be engaged in raising a child on your own, and not to shift all responsibilities to them.But if the situation is the place to be, then you should try to talk to the grandparents so that they do not spoil the child, he will soon get hungry and start to eat normally.

Daily regime

The mode of the day plays a big role in feeding the baby. It is noticed that children living according to the regime eat better and are less capricious, and their parents do not ask themselves how to make the child eat? This is explained by the fact that such children develop a certain reflex, and their stomach “asks” food at the same time. That is why such children eat without any persuasion and always with a big appetite. Also feed the baby should be when he wants, do not need to push him an additive, otherwise he will not be able to get hungry for dinner. In order not to wonder how to make children eat, you need to forget about snacks between meals in the form of buns, sweets, and cookies. Sweets, fruits, berries should be given at fixed hours, as they contain sugar, which for a long time reduces the secretion of saliva.

We make a variety of baby food

In order for the baby to eat well and with pleasure, you need to cook him a variety of dishes.Monotonous food quickly bothers the child. A beautiful and original decoration of the table only contributes to good appetite. You can, for example, buy multicolored pasta in the store, and cook them in a special way, so the child will be interested in food, and he will strive to try all new and new tastes. And if the child is already 3 years old, then you can arrange dishes together with him. This will help you to feed the baby without hysterics and contributes to the development of imagination and creativity. Try new recipes, introduce new foods into the diet, and the child will be interested in eating.

Walking with a child

In addition, a child’s poor appetite can be associated with quite rare walks. Therefore, it is necessary more often and longer to walk with him in the fresh air. Then he will definitely get hungry and ask you to eat. Now you know how to feed the child, and you will not be wondering whether to force the child to eat, because it will not be necessary with good regime and frequent walks.


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