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How to make a complaint?

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How to make a complaint?

Often a complaint is a universal means for simple manipulation, the goal of which is to achieve a specific task. Even the threat of writing a complaint has the desired effect. But sometimes you still have to make a document.

What is a complaint and its types

A complaint is a requirement of citizens, made up in oral or written form and addressed to state bodies or non-governmental organizations in connection with the violation of their rights or interests.

Currently, there are the following types of complaints

Administrative complaint

This type of complaint is an appeal to the authorities or local government.

Such a complaint can be both individual and collective.

Complaint to the prosecution authorities

The prosecution authorities are endowed with independence, therefore the consideration of the complaint is an independent process. However, this body does not have the authority to make a final decision, therefore, in essence, it is an intermediary who can issue a warning or send the case for judicial review.

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Judicial complaint

The peculiarity of the complaint is a detailed examination of the case, and the court’s decision is binding.

The judicial complaint, in turn, is divided into:

  1. Complaint to the court of general jurisdiction
    • Private complaint. Served on the actions or decisions that are present in the trial.
    • Appeal. Served on a court decision that has not yet entered into force.
    • Appeal. Served to verify the legality of the court decision.
    • Supervisory Complaint. It is submitted for review of a valid judgment.
  2. The arbitration complaint. This type of complaint has the same varieties as complaints to the court of general jurisdiction.
  3. Constitutional complaint. It is submitted to eliminate violations of rights caused by the application of the law in a court decision that does not comply with the Constitution.
  4. Complaint to the European Court. It is submitted for the consideration of the dispute between states and citizens.

How to make a complaint

  1. In drawing up a complaint, it is necessary to adhere to the official business style of presentation.
  2. Compiling a complaint, back it up with arguments and facts. This will help you turnovers such as "What leads to", "What adversely affects", "What is a threat to."
  3. Formulate a complaint as compact as possible.Remember that a detailed presentation is unlikely to be read by the relevant authorities to the end or in full.
  4. When writing a complaint it is necessary to put forward clearly defined requirements. Such a requirement begins with the word "Please."
  5. Do not be lazy to register in the complaint links to legal norms. Also a big plus will be the availability of documentary evidence.
  6. If your complaint affects not only you, but also other people, then the best and effective solution will be to prepare a collective complaint. At the same time, you can assume the responsibility for drawing up a complaint, while other participants will only have to subscribe to it.

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Sample complaint

To the head of the shop "World products" Ya. I. Khazova

from Petrov Yu. V., residing at: Moscow, st. Lenin 15, square. 3

A complaint

I, Petrov Yury Vasilyevich, report about an unpleasant situation that happened in the shop “World of Products”, located at ul. Kalevala, 16.

November 1, 2014, I purchased a box of orange juice cooked in this store. The date of bottling was specified - October 31, 2014.However, when opening the package, it turned out that the juice has an unpleasant sour taste and smell, as well as a cloudy color. A second package was checked and the situation repeated.

On my demands to return money for goods of inadequate quality, M. A. A. Yelochkina, the store administrator, refused to compensate my expenses, thereby violating the Consumer Protection Act (clause 1 of Article 12).

I ask you to take the appropriate measures and return the money to me, otherwise the complaint will be transferred to the Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office.

November 1, 2014 Petrov Yu. V.


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