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How to make a dinosaur?

Natalya Safonova
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How to make a dinosaur?

Dinosaurs are very popular characters not only among children, but also adults are also often interested in this mysterious topic. How to make a dinosaur? Let's try to make it out of paper.

In order for you to get a realistic dinosaur, you can use a pattern - a printout consisting of only 3 parts (a printout pattern can be found, for example,). The manufacturing process itself will not take you much time and effort. So let's get started:

  • After you print the pattern on paper, you need to paste the parts on thick paper (thin cardboard). You can either pre-paint the template or print it on colored paper.
  • Now gently glue all the parts together.
  • We admire the resulting beast.

You can do it differently. In a simpler version, you can draw the outlines of the body of a dinosaur (for example, a stegosaurus), thorns and limbs (all of this is of arbitrary size with the proportions preserved).Here you have a set of parts, now how to make a dinosaur out of paper? You just need to make cuts on every detail and fix them in the resulting cuts. It is desirable that the paper at the same time was dense. An example of such a simple dinosaur can be seen.

In addition, you can find several schemes of dinosaurs, made in the technique of origami. How to make an origami dinosaur? First you need to decide on the model, since some schemes are designed for beginners, and for some you already need to have some level of skill. It is desirable that you also have quality paper. Assembly schemes you can find (quite simple instructions). Here or.


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