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How to make a face cream?

Preparing a face cream at home will help women not only significantly save money, but also win even more at the expense of quality. In the article I will tell you about how to make a face cream with your own hands. We will also talk about which substances to use for different types of skin.

How to make a homemade face cream

In order to prepare a good cream, we need the appropriate ingredients of four types, namely:

  • base oil
  • emulsifier,
  • essential oil,
  • active substance.

The process of making a cream for any type of skin, whether dry, oily or sensitive, is the same, but we will have to use completely different components. We will talk about them. After the correct preparation of a cream, you are guaranteed to get a better product than the industry suggests.

Ingredients for dry skin

  1. Active ingredient: propolis, pumpkin seed or linden extract, liquid vitamin E, perga;
  2. Base oil: sesame, coconut, peach, apricot, olive, shea,jojoba, avocado oil, walnut, macadamia;
  3. Essential oil: blue pomace, myrrh, rose, jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood;
  4. Emulsifier: beeswax, guar gum.

Ingredients for oily skin

  1. Active ingredient: dry yeast, hop or ginger extract;
  2. Base oil, grape seed oil;
  3. Essential oil: rosemary, lemon, lemon balm, grapefruit, bergamot;
  4. Emulsifier: cetyl alcohol, sucrose stearate.

Ingredients for Sensitive Skin

  1. Active substance: peony tincture, chamomile extract, liquid vitamin F;
  2. Base oil: burdock, lemon, sea buckthorn, rose oil or St. John's wort;
  3. Essential oil: rosewood, spruce, verbena, orange;
  4. Emulsifier: stearic acid, sodium alginate.

How to make face cream

Now take a good, best of all - distilled water and start cooking. The proportions are as follows:

  • water - 60%,
  • active substance - 7%,
  • base oil - 30%,
  • emulsifier - 2%,
  • essential oil - 10 drops.

Put the enameled bowl with water on the fire and place two containers in it: one with water and one with base oil. As soon as the temperature of the ingredients reaches 60 degrees, pour the emulsifier into the oil tank and, after dissolving it, pour the heated distilled water into the same container, stirring the oil constantly.Remove the resulting homogeneous mixture from the heat and place in a bowl with cold water. Once the mixture has reached a temperature of 40 degrees, it is necessary to add the active substance and essential oil, then mix and transfer the resulting cream in a jar, put it in the fridge. That's all, you can use the cream. Please note that according to this recipe any face cream is prepared, for any skin type. The only difference is in the added ingredients. Now you know how to make a face cream, and how to use it is written in special articles. However, a cream that suits your skin type will definitely not hurt!


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