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How to make a house for a hamster?

Elena Lukash
Elena Lukash
February 25, 2013
How to make a house for a hamster?

There are several options for making houses for fluffy rodents. We will briefly tell about each of them.

Option 1

How to make a house for a hamster from a coconut?

This option looks very exotic and interesting in the main interior of the animal (aquarium or cage). To make it is quite simple:

  1. Remove the contents of the coconut - milk and pulp.
  2. Leave the empty coconut for a few days in a ventilated room so that it dries out properly.
  3. Now, with the help of a drill, drill a hole at the base of the future house for entry and several "windows".
  4. In the house itself, you can make the flooring of paper (not newspapers, because the animal loves to bite the paper and there is a risk of being poisoned by paint)

Such a dwelling has only one drawback: there is little space for a “run”. An animal can only use it for sleeping or as a pantry.

Option 2

How to make a house for a hamster from a plywood box?

This is a much more spacious option, since the entire plywood box is used as a dwelling, and not a small box. So:

  1. We drill holes on the sides of the box for air.
  2. On the one hand, we make two large openings such that they fit in one-liter cans (or three-liter bottles, depending on the size of the dwelling).
  3. Insert the jars or bottles into the finished holes. It turned out a house with two rooms of cans - under the dining room and toilet. Plus - extra space in the box under the corridor.
  4. One of the cans can be darkened with a cloth to provide a nook to the animal.
  5. The house is ready! We fill it with sawdust, pour paper into the bedroom can. Top cover box with plexiglass. So it will be possible to observe the life of the animal.

This design is very easy to disassemble, so during cleaning you will cause your pet a minimum of concern.

Option 3

House hammock from a plastic bottle

Rodents love suspended structures, and this option should be very convenient.

  1. Take a few plastic bottles of 0.5 liters. Cut off the bottom and neck of them, and cut the resulting tubes along the length.
  2. "Overlay" the bottles on each other. Inside and outside, we coat with a soft cloth and overlap with cotton so that the animal is comfortable and soft.
  3. From two sides of the hammock we attach ribbons and hang the finished product to the walls or ceiling of the cage.

Houses for every taste and character.Make the one you like the most, and - congratulate the hamster on housewarming!


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