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How to make a movie?

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How to make a movie?

When the Auguste and Louis Lumiere brothers, so far away from us in 1895, demonstrated an unprecedented curiosity — a one-minute black-and-white documentary showing the arrival of a train, they could not even imagine what powerful genie they had released into our world. Cinema, which was originally conceived as uncomplicated entertainment for the undemanding public, quickly turned into a kind of fine arts and now occupies a very large part of the modern cultural space of many countries, representing a significant sector of the economy, in which a lot of money is spinning.

How to make movies

Initially, the entire film was created by only one operator, who rotated the handle of his mechanical narrow-film camera and pointed the lens at certain objects. However, in the early stages of cinema development, it became clear to the filmmakers that it was not enough just to shoot entertaining shots. For commercial success it is necessary that the film be interesting to the mass audience, therefore, the film needs a plot.Thus, the professions of a screenwriter writing film scripts and a film director embodying the ideas of a screenwriter were born.

As the length of the movies increased and the plots became more complex, the fiction film genre began to take shape, and professional film actors were needed to create screen images.

Movies have been dumb for decades. The sound that appeared in the cinema in the late twenties of the last century breathed a second life into the cinema and led to the emergence of a new, not existing until then profession - the profession of sound producer.

People of these five professions (cameraman, screenwriter, director, film actor and sound producer), who appeared at the dawn of cinematography, are still the main participants in the creation of any feature film.

How to shoot modern art cinema

The whole process of creating a movie is conventionally divided into three main stages - the preparatory period, the actual shooting and editing and tinting.

Preparatory stage

  1. At this stage, a literary scenario is created, which can be based on a ready-made artwork (classical or written by a modern author).In other cases, especially for the film scriptwriter writes the original story. In the script, in addition to describing the main plot of the future picture, its problems and the characters of all the characters are worked out in detail.
  2. Based on the literary script approved by the producers, the director writes his directorial script, which is essentially a detailed technical description of the future movie. In it, the film is divided into separate shooting episodes with their further breakdown into separate frames. This process is called “storyboard”. For clarity, the storyboard is accompanied by hand-drawn sketches of all frames.
  3. Further, in accordance with the director's scenario, with the participation of the production director, places for field shooting are selected.
  4. Meanwhile, the production designer develops sketches of the costumes of the characters and scenery for the pavilion shooting, selects the necessary props.
  5. On the basis of ready-made sketches, decorators create filming interiors, and a team of auxiliary workers installs them in studio pavilions.
  6. Director assistants pick up the actors.After the screening and approval by the director and producers for a particular role, the actors begin to learn the text and begin the first rehearsals.
  7. Costume designers prepare costumes for the actors — they sew new ones or pick up ready-made films stored in the storerooms. Make-up artists develop variants of make-up and try to put it on the faces of the actors.

Filming stage

This is the most interesting stage - most often people write about it in magazines and tell it on TV. Videos with interesting moments of filming famous movies can be easily found on the Internet if you wish, because there are a great many clips on this subject. Thanks to television and the Internet, they all roughly represent what a single episode looks like: the illuminators install and check the light, the sound engineer sets the microphones, the actors put on and dressed in costumes take their pre-arranged positions in the frame, the assistant in front of the camera clicks on a striped cracker written on it the episode numbers and the double, the command of the director is distributed: “Begin!”. And so over and over again until the last episode of the film is shot.

Assembly and toning period

At this final stage of film making, the director, together with the editors, selects the most successful doubles and brings them together in accordance with the original creative intent. One of the most difficult work of the editing and toning stage is the work on the sound of the film. The soundtrack of the film consists of musical accompaniment, the speech of actors and noise design, which the sound director must not only harmoniously combine into one whole, but also synchronize them with the individual frames of the already mounted film. A fully edited and voiced movie is rewritten and then replicated.


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