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How to make a moving picture?

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How to make a moving picture?

Moving pictures, or as they say now - �gifs� (the name is associated with the .gif format), have become very popular on the Internet. They are installed on avatars in various forums, on screensavers of phones, computers, inserted instead of text, and sent to friends the most ridiculous. GIFs look different: as a fragment of a video or as a lively picture. They are created by combining several static frames. If earlier, in order to create animation, hundreds or thousands of identical pictures were drawn with barely noticeable changes and, gathering together, they received movement, now, instead of drawing, they use computer programs. Let's figure out how to make a moving picture - "anima".

Creating an "anima" online

  1. Prepare pictures that you want to make one moving.
  2. Open the site.
  3. In the right window "Create an animated GIF", successively pressing the "Browse" button, add photos or images from which you want to get an animation.If you want to add more than three pictures, click "Add another picture" under the bottom "Browse" button.
  4. Set the required size and speed.
  5. Click "Create Animation" - an animated picture has appeared!
  6. To save it, click "Save this image" above the bottom button, then click "Save file." The program will save the animated image in the correct .gif format to a previously prepared place (usually this is the "Downloads" folder). Another way to save an animated picture is to right-click on it, select "Save image as ...", set any name, set the GIF format (if there is another), select the folder and click "Save".

The program also allows you to get a link to the image, HTML-code (for the site or blog) and BB-code (for the forum).

I must say that the program has provided all the options. Another nice thing is that the program does not require downloading and is free.

About the same way you can make a moving picture on the site. It will be free too.


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