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How to make a parachute?

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How to make a parachute?

A child is a perpetual motion machine that requires constant entertainment. We offer you to get acquainted with several ways how to make a parachute that can be launched from the balcony. Such a toy, made by hand, is unlikely to leave your child indifferent.

Plastic bag parachute

For work you will need:

  • tight plastic bag;
  • pen or marker;
  • ruler, protractor;
  • 8 pieces of thick threads of 25 cm, for example, knitting yarns "Iris";
  • scissors;
  • thick needle or awl;
  • small paper clip;Parachute
  • light and small toy.

Making a parachute

  1. On a dense package, draw a regular octagon with sides of 10 cm. If you cannot draw such a figure “by eye”, then knowing that all the angles of the octagon are 1350, you can easily cope with the task, measuring the side ruler, and the protractor - the corners. Cut the resulting shape.
  2. In the center of the octagon, make a square hole, with a side of 1 cm. It will serve as a stabilizer for the parachute during a fall.
  3. Using a thick needle or sewing, make holes in the corners of the figure.
  4. Stretch the threads into the holes and fix them with knots.
  5. Tie the loose ends of the threads to a paper clip so that the length of all the threads is the same.
  6. Choose a suitable skydiver. For this purpose, a plastic figure of a soldier or a man from Lego is ideal, but you can use any toy and even a cork from a plastic bottle.
  7. Attach the selected figure to the clip, and feel free to test the parachute. It is enough for this child to get on the table or stool. But, of course, launching a parachute from a balcony will be more effective.

Parachute from the napkin

For work you will need:

  • thick cloth;
  • four pieces of thread 30 cm each and one 15 cm;
  • scissors;
  • light figure.


  1. Take the usual dining napkin, preferably from thick paper. Otherwise, it will tear easily.
  2. Tie four long threads to the corners of the napkin. Not recommended whenParachuteThis pierce her, because she can break. Simply collect the corners of the napkin in a small harmonica and tie them around with a thread.
  3. Tie the loose ends of the threads together.
  4. Tie them to the fifth piece, with which you will tie or tie the figure.
  5. The parachute from the napkin is much softer than polyethylene, so the figure should be very light. It is quite enough to cut it out of thick cardboard.
  6. Now you can toss the parachute and watch it slowly go down with the parachutist.

If any moments of the instructions were unclear to you, check out the video that shows how to make a parachute. Your child will be delighted with such a simple and interesting hack.


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