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In this lesson, I'll show you three ways to make a pig out of paper with your hands with step-by-step photos. Such crafts will be very interesting to perform and young children and students. They are very bright, they require little time for execution, but the result will be a wonderful amusing work.

Many have heard that it is necessary not only to develop the child as a whole, but to pay special attention to fine motor skills. It is closely associated with thought processes, memory and attention. And to develop it is not so difficult, it is enough to do any kind of creativity: draw and paint, assemble puzzles, weave rezinochek or from beads, embroider, and you can also sculpt various animals and cartoon characters. Well, today we will create cute pigs made of paper - this is the most accessible and favorite material for all of us to create.

Paper pig

Spending free time with children, playing or doing creative work - you help them to fully develop!

How to make a pig out of paper - 3 options

Option 1 - a pig from colored paper

Create together a paper pig in the form of a voluminous crafts that will delight the kids with a funny look. We make it out of bright colored paper and add it to the most important elements. If desired, you can add flowers and other accessories. So, let's start!

colored paper pig

Materials and tools:

  • a semi-cardboard of a pink color of several shades;
  • white paper;
  • a liner or a thin marker of black color
  • office glue;
  • ruler and pencil;
  • scissors;
  • Stapler.

Pink half board of light shade is used to make the basis of crafts. We are planning on horizontal 14 cm, and on vertical - 7 cm.


The resulting rectangle is fastened to the sides with a stapler or glue to get a straw.

Then create the paws. Use a light shade to get two stripes, and a dark pink tone - for the hooves.

Glue the hooves to the light pink legs. We attach the finished elements to the sides of the figure. Also, glue the two hooves to the lower torso of the pig.

We start to make out a muzzle. To do this, cut out a circle of dark pink paper and draw a nostril. We will also make eyes out of white paper and finish the pupils.

Glue the finished items.

We also cut the ears and tail.

Glue the tail on the back of the craft to make it look out a little. Bend the ears in two places at an angle. Glue on the inside.

So we get a handicraft of colored paper in the form of a funny pink pig.

2 option - origami bookmark

Here is such an original bookmark - a pig can be made from ordinary pink sheet of paper using origami technique. Detailed step-by-step master class, see here - a pig with his own hands.

origami bookmark pig

origami pig

3 variant - do-it-yourself application “Cute pig” made of paper

If you are just starting to acquaint your baby with the application, or have decided to do it with him on the New Year's theme, I suggest you perform the application with a cheerful little pig whose funny ears stick out! And still performing such a craft, you can fix the names of geometric shapes.

application Cute piglet

For crafts, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • colored paper;
  • colored cardboard;
  • glue and scissors;
  • some round items or compasses;
  • markers and a simple pencil.

The piglet will consist of a head and legs. A big circle will be needed for the head and another smaller circle - for a penny. Find a round object, such as a saucer for the head and a cap for the spout. Now you need to circle the selected objects with a simple pencil.

Then we carefully cut out all the resulting circles. You also need to outline the cheeks, to do this, fold the pink paper of a different shade in half.

Piglet ears can be made in the form of an elongated triangle, so that they can be bent afterwards.

Go to the legs. They can be drawn as follows. A rectangular piece of pink paper folded four times in accordion. Draw the claws and cut them.

Let's muzzle the pigs. For her, we need eyes, nostrils and a smile.

Now that all the details are ready, we will collect the pig. Attach the cheeks to a large circle and cut off the excess paper. Then you need to attach your ears to the top of the head.

For beauty, we add orange elements to the ears — internal ears, they need to be cut out so that they repeat the shape of the main ear, but were slightly smaller.

It is necessary to glue eyes, penny and smile. After all the elements fasten legs.

Now the cute pig is ready! We attach a loop from the seamy side and then the craft can be placed on the Christmas tree.

pig's paper application

Working with applications, kids learn to relate the details, apply the adhesive carefully, and also remember the names of geometric shapes, body parts of animals and plants.

How to make a piglet modular origami

Another pig in the technique of origami video tutorial

Manigami a pig from a banknote is a great gift for the New Year 2019!

After all, it can be made from any bill - as far as the wallet allows).

Here such completely different and undoubtedly beautiful pigs can be made from paper with your own hands. Be creative!


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