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How to make a technical task?

Competent drawing up of technical specifications is, one can say, half the success of the entire project. In the article devoted to how to draw up a technical task, I will tell you about the basic principles of drawing up TK (this is how the technical task is abbreviated, and it is this abbreviation that we will use in the future) and what should be avoided when drawing up TZ. We consider these questions on the example of TK to create pages.

How to make a technical task

First of all, you need to clearly and clearly write to the employee what you want from him. Here is an example of a TK for a copywriter: “you need to write 5 thematic texts on the following HF (key expressions):“ antivirus program, good firewall, antispyware software, Windows firewall, Windows 7 - optimization ”. In the texts it is necessary to use the relevant (corresponding) HF 3 times: once in the first and last paragraph of the text and once in an arbitrary place. Declination and conjugation are allowed. " Found a mistake? A copywriter wrote you these texts.Each text of 300 characters. Volume we specify forgotten. But this is not all yet - we did not indicate in what time the work should be done. Therefore, write down what should be indicated in the TZ without fail.

  • Workload. It can be measured in anything - in characters, in pages, in graphic files, in parrots, but it must be specified.
  • Deadline for the work. Be sure to include the date by which the employee must provide you with the completed TK.
  • The most detailed presentation of the TZ - the above example is suitable for this (do not forget only about the volumes and terms).

As a matter of fact, these are the three whales that hold any TK. Let it be the TK for the creation of a site or the preparation of scientific work.

How to write a technical task: the nuances

There are nuances in any business, and the drawing up of a technical task is not an exception. Here is the main subtlety: if the task allows, let's say, the possibility of creativity, then this should be reflected in the TK. For example: before February 1, 2013, you need to write 10 news items with a volume of 1000 characters on a transport topic for such and such a site. This means that the news can be any: from the release of the new model of “Mercedes” to the strike of the Greek metro workers, because both of them are related to the topic “vehicles”.Nevertheless, even if the specific topic, volume and terms are not specified, the employee should inquire about all this himself - so that there would be no complaints about him later.

If the task implies a clearly delineated textual or graphic theme, or a program or template drawn up in a certain way, then this must be indicated in the text of the ToR. The mistakes of the technical staff are always the fault of the manager Because he did not give clear and clear recommendations and did not control the execution of the task.

It is unacceptable to ask the designer to draw "some kind of picture", unless you know this designer for many years and perfectly imagine his level. But even in this case, it is better to explain: “for this customer we do not use flowers and patterns, he needs a drawing with a strict linear geometry” - or something like that. The same is true of the texts: “the minimum number of digressions on the lyrical theme is better to write that last year the turnover of such a product amounted to so many million rubles to a thousand”.

The implementation of these recommendations will save you from repeated reworking the same work, I was convinced from my own experience. Good luck with your assignments!


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