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How to make an express panel?

Express panel is a shortcut to quick access to your favorite sites. Next, I will tell you how to make an express panel in five popular browsers and show its settings, including how to make it the start page.

Google chrome

When creating a new blank tab or window, several standard shortcuts to Google sites appear, which is not very convenient. A more functional property has an extension (plugin) called Speed ​​Dial, which can be set by going to "". Setting up this application is intuitive. To make the quick start panel, click on the top left button in the form of a wrench, click "Settings" in the menu that appears, then in the "Initial group" box, mark the line "Quick Access Page". Everything, when you open the browser, your express panel will appear.

Mozilla firefox

By default, this browser does not have a full-fledged express panel. This is solved using a plugin with the same name as in Google Chrome - Speed ​​Dial. To install it, go to the following path: "Tools / Settings / General / Configure Add-ons / Search Add-ons".We drive in the search box the name of the desired plug-in, Speed ​​Dial, clicks "Search".

After it is found, click "Add to Firefox", wait for the installation to finish, restart the browser and proceed to configure the plugin, following this: "Tools / Settings / General / Configure Add-ons / Speed ​​Dial / Settings". In the "Main" tab, check all the checkboxes, except for the "Browsing area context menu" and "Tab context menu" lines. Now express panel Speed ​​Dial will be displayed.

Internet Explorer

To create express panels in Internet Explorer, click on the "Tools" button on the right, then the "Internet Options" item. In the window that appears, go to the tab "General" and in the field "Home Page" enter "about: tabs" without quotes, click "OK" and restart the browser. The express panel will be immediately displayed as a start page. Links are automatically created on the most visited sites.


Express panel in Opera is immediately. In order to make it the start page, press Ctrl + F12, in the "On Start" item, select in the drop-down menu "Open Express Panel". Setting up the panel occurs when you press a button with a wrench in the upper right part of the page. The parameters are simple and clear.

Apple safari

In Apple Safari, the express panel has the name "Top Sites", the link to it by default will be on the bookmarks panel, under the address bar, in the form of "checkers".After opening "Top Sites", at the bottom left, click on the "Edit" button to go to the panel settings. Everything is very simple there.

Now I will tell you how to make the express panel start in Apple Safari. Click on the gear in the upper left, then select "Settings". In the new window, go to the "Basic" tab and in the lines: "Open in new windows" and "Open in new tabs", select "Top Sites", and in the "Safari opens when you open" section, select "New Window". Everything, the express panel is configured.


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