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How to make cappuccino?

One name of the cappuccino coffee drink is already uplifting, recalling the light aroma of coffee with milk, cinnamon and chocolate. A small porcelain cup with a white milk froth appears immediately, and in the mouth, as if a sweet-tart flavor are already appearing. So, decided, I want a cappuccino! But how to cook it at home, it's not an ordinary coffee with milk? In fact, very simple, so you can go to the kitchen and follow our advice!

A little bit about the drink

Cappuccino is a symbiosis of hot, lightly-whipped milk and invigorating espresso with bitterness. Cappuccino homeland is sunny Italy. The author of this wonderful drink is still not exactly known, but it is supposed that it originated thanks to the monks of the Order of Capuchins. The monks were deprived of the pleasures of social life, so they invented another joy for themselves - aromatic coffee with delicate milk.

How to make cappuccino at home


  • Freshly ground coffee
  • Filtered water
  • Milk (cream),
  • Cinnamon (or chocolate, or cocoa),
  • Turk (jazz)
  • Mug metal,
  • Mixer (submersible blender).


  • Make coffee. Take the Turk and pour in it the right amount of coffee, fill it with water and put on fire. When the froth rises, remove the coffee from the heat and let the froth fall. Then put the Turk on the fire again. This action must be done 7-8 times. Do not boil the drink if you do not want it to become bitter.
  • Beat the foam. Be very careful at this stage! Pour 1-1.5 cups of high-fat milk into a metal mug and set on fire. After 10-15 seconds, start beating it with a blender or mixer. Do this carefully so as not to burn your hands. The device should not touch the bottom, otherwise it may melt. Remove the milk from the heat when there are no large bubbles.

Fill the porcelain cup with a third of the coffee drink, and fill the free space with foam. Sprinkle the drink with cinnamon, grated chocolate, sugar or cocoa. Your coffee is ready!

How to make cappuccino in a coffee maker

If you are a happy owner of a French press - a French coffee maker, then use it to make this wonderful drink. Cappuccino is first infused, then wrung out.The method of brewing on a french press is very gentle, so you get a delicious and aromatic coffee.

Even better when there are two such coffee makers. Then you can make coffee on one and beat milk on the other. When you have only one french press, make coffee first and then beat the milk. Ingredients take in the ratio of 1: 1.5. For example, for a cup of 250 ml, you need to take 100 ml of already brewed coffee drink and 150 ml of whipped milk. Now about how to make a cappuccino on a french press.

  • If you want to brew 100 ml of coffee, you will need a teaspoon of freshly ground coffee (6-7 g) of coarse or medium ground.
  • Pour the coffee into the coffee maker and fill it with hot water. Water temperature from 92 to 96 degrees, will fill the cappuccino with rich aroma and unsurpassed taste.
  • Mix well with a wooden spoon. Soon a thick, thick foam will appear on the surface. Lower the filter on the piston to the foam. Turn the lid on the spout of the coffee maker to the closed position. Wait 4-5 minutes. Lower the plunger down so that the coffee grounds do not penetrate into the drink, and gently pour the coffee into the cup.
  • Next, pour the preheated to 60-70 degrees milk in a french press and close the plunger. Start moving the piston quickly, lower the filter to the bottom and lift it to the very surface of the milk. Beat the milk for a minute. When it increases in volume by about one and a half times, pull the piston. Leave the milk for 30 seconds so that it will infuse and become uniform and glossy.
  • Pour the milk in a cup of coffee, add cocoa, chocolate, cinnamon, sugar, or another spice. Now you know how to make cappuccino coffee in your home coffee maker.

Creative Cappuccino

How to make a cappuccino at home so that it looks beautiful? Try to draw on its surface drawing or pattern. All you need is whipped milk. Surely you get something very interesting and original. Even if you do not own the art of latte art, try performing three basic figures: a flower, an apple and a heart. Take a pitcher - this is a special jug and toothpick. Available video tutorials on the Internet will help you to make beautiful lessons.

Knowing how to make a cappuccino, you can start every day with pleasure and delight your loved ones with this delicious drink!


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