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How to make coffee?

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How to make coffee?

During the time that has passed since when a person first tried to brew coffee beans, people came up with many ways to make this wonderful drink. Almost every country has its own special brewing techniques and its own original coffee making recipes. However, some general rules for making delicious coffee still exist.

How to make delicious coffee

  • For making really tasty coffee, use only high-quality coffee sold in beans. No ground coffee from the store! Coffee hand grinding, carried out immediately before preparation - the key to success in the preparation of the drink.
  • Do not use tap water to brew coffee. Always useCoffeedrinking bottled water or water passed through a good filter.
  • Brew coffee only in the Turk and only on the smallest fire. Do not rush, remember that good coffee is brewed for a long time.
  • To make coffee more fully reveal its aroma, before pouring water over the coffee powder,Add a few grains of regular kitchen salt.
  • If you like sweet coffee, add brown cane sugar to the drink. It enhances the taste and aroma of the drink.
  • If you want to make coffee with ginger, add a pinch of dry ground ginger in dry ground coffee, poured into the Turk. Stir them with a spoon and only then pour water on it.

Tips on how to make coffee can be found here.

How to make classic black coffee in the Turk

  1. For making coffee, it is best to use a copper Turk with a narrow neck. Put an empty Turk on the smallest fire and warm (do not heat it!) Its bottom.
  2. Pour ground coffee in a Turk. For 150 ml of water, take two teaspoons of coffee powder.
  3. If you like sweet coffee, immediately add sugar to the coffee powder.CoffeeStir them with a spoon. At the same stage, if desired, a pinch of ground ginger, cardamom or cinnamon can be added to the coffee.
  4. Pour cold water into the Turk. It is desirable that the water level in the Turk reached the narrowest point of its neck.
  5. Put the Turk on the smallest fire. Do not let the coffee boil. As soon as the foam starts to rise, remove the Turk from the fire.After 30 - 40 seconds, put it on fire again. Do this 3 - 4 times.
  6. When the coffee is ready, let it settle in the Turk for at least a minute. After that, pour the coffee into cups.

Other recipes for making coffee in the Turk look for in our article. True connoisseurs of coffee cook it only in the Turk. For them, the preparation of a coffee drink is a kind of ritual, all the rules of which must be strictly followed. In fact, it often happens that there is simply not enough time for all this religious ritual in the kitchen. Quickly prepare a cup of hot aromatic coffee in a home coffee machine similar to those in many cafes and bars.

How to make espresso coffee in a coffee machine

In a semi-automatic coffee machine with manual dosing of water "Espresso" is prepared as follows:

  1. measuring spoon measure 7 - 12 gr. coffee powder. For the preparation of high-quality "Espresso" need a very finely ground coffee powder, made from highly roasted coffee beans;Coffee
  2. the powder is poured into a special metal horn and tamped with tempera, which is included in the set of the coffee machine;
  3. 30 ml of filtered water are poured into the water dispenser;
  4. put a cup of coffee on the tray;
  5. Press the "Start" button. Water is instantly heated, under high pressure, hot steam is fed into the horn. Passing through the compressed coffee, steam extracts from it all the aromatic and flavoring substances. Ready coffee is poured into the cup. This whole process takes about half a minute.

Green coffee

Green coffee has recently become a fashionable drink. Its popularity is primarily due to not taste, which many people seem very doubtful, but the fact that according to some nutritionists, green coffee is able to break down fats and remove them from the body. According to advertising, a drink made from green coffee can work wonders, for a coupleCoffeeweeks turning fatties into slender beauties. In fact, green coffee is not a special miracle product. In essence, it is only a semi-finished product of black coffee, which is usual for us, which is obtained by roasting green beans. Therefore, its preparation is practically no different from the preparation of classic black coffee.

How to make green coffee

Green coffee can be prepared in the coffee maker or Turk. If the farm does not have them, you can make coffee in a porcelain cup.

Pour a couple of tablespoons of green coffee beans into the grinder and grind them. Green grains are harder and more resilient than roasted grains, so their grinding will take a little longer. The degree of grinding of the grains depends on what exactly the coffee will be made in the future. For making coffee in a coffee maker, you need medium-ground seeds, for Turks, fine grinding is ideal, and if coffee is brewed directly in a cup, it should be ground into a fine powder.

How to make green coffee in the Turk

  1. Pour two teaspoons of ground green coffee in Turk and cover it with a glass of cold water.
  2. Place the Turk on the smallest gas burner and adjust the flame to the minimum level.
  3. Do not leave the stove for a minute and constantly monitor the cooking process - at any time the coffee in the Turk can foam andCoffee"Run away."
  4. As soon as coffee in the Turk begins to boil, immediately remove the Turk from the fire. Do not turn off the gas! When the liquid calms down a little and stops bubbling, put the Turk on the fire again.Repeat this process two to three times.
  5. The result should be a slightly turbid drink of a yellowish color with a sour, specific taste. Wait for a while for the coffee to stand, and pour the drink from the sediment into the cup.

In the coffee machine, prepare green coffee in accordance with the instructions attached to it. Learn more about how to make coffee in the coffee maker here. In order to brew coffee in a cup, pour two teaspoons of ground green coffee into it, pour boiling water over it, cover the cup with a saucer, put a dish towel on top. Let the drink stand for 10 - 15 minutes.


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