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How do you clean your face?

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How do you clean your face?

Since childhood, every woman wants to be beautiful. Remember your childhood, surely everyone loved to try on mother's things, stumbling over heels and tangling in a long dress. After some time, attempts to become attractive become more successful. Shoes and clothes are bought in accordance with the fashion and size. Women are concerned about their skin condition. Still would! No matter how slim the figure is, and whatever height your heels are, but an unkempt face will surely ruin everything. Yes, and to correct the condition of the skin alone creams will not be enough. In this case, thorough ultrasonic cleaning is necessary. You can get such a procedure in beauty salons where professional beauticians do facial cleansing.

But what to do if you do not have the opportunity to go to a beautician, because everything in life happens. Then you can help cleaning the face at home. This article describes how to clean your face in salons and at home.

Facial cleansing

  • For starters, wash with a special gel or milk.
  • Then apply on the skin a little scrub and gently massage a couple of minutes.
  • After such manipulations, your skin will become smooth, but you also need to wipe it with a tonic.


For home cleaning, you will need a saucepan or bowl, towel, and herbal decoction. For each type of person your own collection of herbs is suitable, for example, for oily skin of horsetail, chamomile, for dry rosemary, wormwood, yarrow.

  • Brew herbal collection. That steam will help open the pores.
  • Cover your head with a towel, and bend over a bowl of broth and make sure that the air does not get.
  • After 15 minutes, all the pores on the face will open and are ready to be cleaned. Do not rub your face with a towel under any circumstances, as this may injure your skin.


Well, now about the most crucial stage. Before proceeding with the procedure, wipe your face with 3% hydrogen peroxide.

  • Wash your hands with soap and alcohol.
  • Wrap a sterile bandage around your fingers.
  • Gently with your index fingers squeeze the walls of the sebaceous glands.
  • During the procedure, you need to wipe the face with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Do not use alcohol lotions. they tighten pores and dry skin.
  • Removal of comedones (black dots) with the help of shaving cream. Beat the foam and apply on the problem areas of the skin, rub well the suds. After that, wind the bandage on a wooden or bone knife and use strong movements on your face.

After all the procedures done, the skin must be reassured. You can put on the face mask, pores, to dry, or wipe with alcohol-based lotion.

Types of cleaning in salons

If you do not want to do this procedure yourself, you can ask your friends about where they do a good face cleaning. Then you can visit the wizard. Beauty salons usually recommend cleaning methods such as

  • Mechanical
  • Manual
  • Ultrasound

One cannot definitely say which one is more effective. The best integrated application of all types of cleaning. Ultrasound affects the surface of the skin. Softens and removes small black dots. It works better for acne mechanical and manual cleansing. They relieve deep contamination on the skin.

Also in practice, the following combination of procedures. First, to soften the surface of the skin using an ultrasound machine.And then with the help of tools and hands, all grease plugs are removed.

In more detail we will consider how to do ultrasonic cleaning of the face.

  • To begin with, clean the skin with a mask or lotion. If necessary, use a scrub.
  • Apply a special active gel for ultrasonic cleaning to the prepared skin.
  • And performed ultrasonic cleaning. The procedure lasts from 10 to 30 minutes. The degree of contamination of the skin increases the time of cleaning. The skin around the eyes does not touch during cleansing.
  • Then a mask is applied to the face, which narrows the pores.
  • And apply a suitable cream.

Everyone is interested in the rather important question of how often to do a face cleaning. This procedure is performed no more than once every 10 days. Since the short intervals between cleansing can dry out the skin and lead to undesirable consequences.

Now you have learned about cleaning methods, at home and in salons, learned how to clean your skin at home.


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